Message to bishops and priests about Holy Mass

Themes: Communion, forgiveness, God's love and mercy, God's pains, Holy Mass, loving God, praying, the Church
Father God

My Andorinha, I, your Father, I am here to relay this special message for you to transmit to my son priests and to the head of my Son’s Church...

My precious son priests, my son bishops and all your superiors, I, your Father God, I am here with my humble servant in conversation at this hour, to convey to you, my precious sons, my desire. My wish is for my Church and my son priests to teach my flock, my sheep, to come to my Son’s Holy Mass in a proper manner: to attend my Son’s Holy Mass with dignity, perseverance and understanding of the real meaning of my Son’s holy sacrifice of Mass.

My sons, I, your Father God, say solemnly to you, to be on guard with my lambs and not let them be scattered around like lost ones astray. They must, at all times, enter my Son’s Church with love and decency, and must start sitting in the front row, then start sitting in a proper way, filling the benches from the front as they start coming in. I want my sheep, my flock to be attentive all the time, teaching them about the content of my Son’s sacrifice of Mass. Explain to them as my humble servant has the message to relay and teach them. Let her explain what I, your Father and my Son Jesus have been teaching her. I want them to be attentive to the real realm of Mass, the beauty of my Son’s Holy Mass. Soon, I will allow my humble servant to attend in vision with my Son – he will give my Petal the way and vision of everything.

As I have said before: be attentive during my Son’s Elevation and the Consecration of my Son’s Precious Body and Blood – the most powerful moment of my Son. Oh, what a beautiful scene to be seen, with so much love towards my children. My son priests, during the elevation, I want my Son’s Precious Body to be lifted up with compassion, love and feelings from the heart – not elevating my Son’s Precious Body up and down so fast that my Son cannot even breathe properly. It hurts my Son very much. Take time in holding my Son up high, making my children aware of what is happening: the transformation of the wafer to my Son’s own flesh… Oh it is the most beautiful moment. It is the same as my Son’s Precious Blood being shed on Golgotha for the world: take it high, do not rush up and down, handle it with love and take care not to drop any drops of my Son’s Precious Blood.

My Son’s joyous moment is when our son priests and their superiors respect these moments, looking up at my Son’s Precious Body and Blood with love, not like doing a duty. My Son Jesus gave them a special and unique gift to consecrate and elevate my Son’s Precious Body and Blood on the special day of their first Ordination of their Mass. They must proceed always with the same love as that day.

Then I repeat as before: when they pray the Our Father, they must feel and be touched by the beautiful words, word for word, and focus on what they are saying in this beautiful, strong prayer. When it comes to forgiveness, they are asking me, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Oh, I wish my children would understand exactly what they are asking me, their Father God.

Then in my beautiful Communion, the importance of my Son entering into their hearts – oh their hearts are closed sometimes with so much impurity in their hearts, minds and souls. I repeat: genuflect, bless themselves, receive in their mouths, bless themselves again, bow in respect and return back to their seats, absorbing my Son’s love in them. He is their food of life: if they eat and drink this beautiful food, they will never die of hunger or thirst. My Son is their source of life – eternal life.

I, your Father Almighty God, I convey this message to my humble servant. She is my Son’s messenger for my Son Jesus’ Second Coming.