Prayers to the Holy Trinity and Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ

My humble servant, tell my children that I, your Jesus, need to relay this: Be in my peace, my love, because I, your Jesus, need your love and patience. I need you, my children, to come to my heart. It is now the time to repent, to come to the abode of my love, to listen to my teachings. I have my messenger. I chose her to be my messenger to the world. Listen, my little lambs, my people. I, your Jesus, I hunger, thirst, for the salvation of your souls. All of my humankind belongs to me, your God. Do not let my enemy destroy and take you into his trap, his foe. Do not fall into his trap because his time is limited. I ask you, I beg you, my children, to pray, pray the Rosary as my Blessed Mother asks you to pray. Love me with all your hearts. I am thirsting for your love, your salvation. I have my humble servant here with this message, given to her from me, your Jesus, to help you to see my love, my Kingdom, my merciful heart. My Father is waiting for you to ask him for forgiveness, for mercy on your souls. Do not neglect the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the most powerful prayer you can pray. You just have to bless yourselves in this way...

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

How many of my children don’t bless themselves at night and in the morning? I, your Jesus, also ask you to pray this prayer to the Holy Spirit...

My Holy Spirit, infill my heart, my mind. Enkindle my breath through your Holy Spirit, to guide me, protect me and teach me in my spirit, my soul, the fire of your love. Be in my heart as you are with the Father, the Holy Trinity. Amen.

My children, respect my Holy Trinity, he is the most important in your lives. Pray always to the Holy Trinity...

My Holy Trinity, I love you, I adore you and I praise you. I want to be your child, as you desire me to be, for the honour and glory of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who shed his blood in Golgotha for me. Thank you, my Holy Trinity. Bless me, my loved ones and the whole world. Amen.