Mother Mary’s Tears of Blood Rosary

Mother Mary

I am going to give you a special prayer request to my Son Jesus, our Father and the Holy Spirit. My child, the prayer request to heaven is like this [1]...

My dear precious Father, my dear living Jesus Christ, Son of our Almighty Father God and Son of the Holy Spirit, the Triune God, I, your child ________, I am on my knees interceding to the Holy Trinity, Santíssima Trindade [2]. Oh, my Father and my loving Jesus, I am praying this sorrowful Tears of Blood Rosary, asking this special favour through your Beloved Mother’s pains ...insert petition... Amen.

Pray the Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be.

[A] Start Decade i by saying...

Father, Jesus, have compassion on your children. Save them.

[B] Repeat ten times...

Through your Beloved Mother’s tears of blood, ...have mercy on us with this petition [3]...

Repeat [A] and [B] above for Decades ii, iii, iv and v.

Then, say the Hail Holy Queen, followed by...

Save the sinners, bring them to your Son’s heart. Amen.

My daughter, this is a Rosary of my tears of blood. You can pray it for many intentions. This is a powerful Rosary. My Son obtains many graces for my children through my tears of blood because my Son cannot refuse anything when my children pray through my tears of blood.


[1] The private petition for Fernanda to pray against an upcoming natural disaster has been removed and the prayer has been generalised for any petition. The [A] and [B] instructions below have also been modified to clarify the implementation of the Rosary.

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Holy Trinity

[3] This phrase can be modified for a specific petition. The original words were “have mercy on us with this cyclone”. For the original petition, see “Mother Mary’s Tears of Blood Rosary to avert a big disaster” (08/04/2011) in “Prayers” on