No one will ever comprehend the pains Jesus endured from Holy Thursday until 3pm on Friday – it felt like an eternity

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Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ [03h35]

My daughter, thank you for sitting with me and keeping me company at this hour of the morning at my tabernacle, together with my Father, my dear Mother and the Holy Spirit. Oh my Mother, my Father and the Holy Spirit are all here and thank you for these long four hours spent with me. Thank you for all the prayers and Rosaries. Thank you for coming here and listening to the Holy Spirit. Yes, my child, I was waiting for you. I know you tried to stay at home and pray but you, my little one, you knew that my wish was for you to sit here with me, to keep me company. Oh you prayed and prayed so much today, without ceasing, to appease my heart. Oh my little one, this beautiful sacrifice of sitting here with my Mother and me was much appreciated. I received all the Rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplets, Stations of the Cross, My Mother’s Tears of Blood Rosary and the Rosary of the Abortion. Thank you, thank you my johaninha [1] for this kind of love. While my people are having a restful night’s sleep, you are here, conversing with my Mother and me. My child, I will concede you and your loved ones many graces for this sacrifice: that is my promise to my children.

Oh this morning you attended my Holy Mass – the blessing of the oil – with all my son priests. I was very happy to sit with you and all my children. Then you came back tonight to attend my Holy Mass “the Mission”. What a blessing to receive me twice in a day with a beautiful, clean heart. My little Petal, after all the pains that I undergo till the moment at three o’clock, this is much appreciated and is balm to my aching heart. Oh the excruciating pains that I undergo in the course of the day are unbearable. My child, none of my people will ever know the pain and suffering that I endured from Holy Thursday until 3pm on Friday. It seemed like it never ended – it was like an eternity.

My daughter Fernanda, thank you for your tears shed in my holy temple tonight when they were showing some version of my passion. Oh, I saw your rolling tears. I sat next to you and wiped them away. Oh, you did not have tissues or handkerchiefs to wipe them away! I was very touched by your pain for me. Oh my Petal, you only saw a tiny seed of my pain. Thank you for praying tonight. My fifteen secret pains – my child only a few of my people are aware of these pains.

My child, remember the photo I gave to you in my prison on my Holy Land: the one of my Precious Blood [2]. Show my son priest Father Marie Joe, my clergy of the church and my bishop for them to see just a tiny part of my pain. My child, someday I will tell you about my pains of crucifixion for you to tell my children. I will describe them to you to so you can show and teach my ignorants, my sheep and my flock. I will demonstrate to you and then you, my instrument, my channel, will teach my people.

My daughter, my Blessed Mother is also here, waiting to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, my humble servant, I, your Mother Mary, I have been in so much pain these past few days, especially today, watching my beloved only Son being persecuted and falsely accused with no crime committed but yet, he has to pay a high price for sins that he never committed for the salvation of the world. My child, my people from time to time have been committing sin upon sin with no repentance. They are barbaric assassins. My daughter, I see my Son going through the same pain, even worse than before, because my children are going more into sin in this decaying and chaotic world.

My daughter, I your Mother Mary, I am here and very grateful to you for the gift of yourself to my Son and for these precious hours dedicated to my Son’s passion. To have this love to be with us: know my Petal, we will always be grateful for all these beautiful gestures towards my Son. I will be with you wherever you are, to keep you company, to help you in your most difficult times. Know my child that your mission, your task, is near – it is not an easy road and neither is my Son’s journey to save our children. You are going to help my Son save souls. I should say many, many souls will be saved in my Son’s holy name. My daughter, these special hours spent are going to be written in the Book of Heaven in letters of gold.

My daughter, you are getting tired now and you are falling asleep. Soon, my precious child, it will soon be time for your mission – you need to be known by my Church, my Son’s Church, my son priests, my bishops – they have to recognise you. You need to go to prayer groups, strong prayer groups. Then, you will go all over the world to proclaim and teach my people, my lost astray flock, my sheep, about the importance of your mission! I bless you and your loved ones’ family and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My little Andorinha [3], I, your Jesus, say thank you for this special time. I, your God, your Lord, love you and all my people. My pain is not in vain: time is near for my Second Coming. I need you to help me to bring souls to my heart. At this time of my passion, pray for this, for the conversion of sinners, for your mission. My daughter, I will converse with you soon. You are tired my child, I will allow you to go home and rest because tomorrow, your schedule for the day is already very occupied by me.

I give my peace to the whole world: to save, save all with the whole splendour of my love, the radiant light of my kingdom – the Saviour of the world.

Thank you my daughter Fernanda for your time spent with me, for your patience and love. I, your Jesus, your God, your Lord, who soon will be crucified to save and bring new life to the world, I love you and all my children.

[Fernanda] Thank you my saviour, my spouse, my king, my love, the source of my life. I live for you, my will belongs to you, my Lord, my Jesus, and my Blessed Mother, I love you, I thank you for giving your Son to us, to suffer for all of us. Thank you my Father God, my Holy Spirit for giving us your Only Begotten Son to suffer and endure so much pain. He has never been appreciated by the world, his sacrifice for the salvation of the world. Thank you, my Father God for this unique, infinite love bestowed upon us all. I love you my Jesus. Thank you for all the graces. Sua bênção [4] my Holy Trinity, sua bênção my dear Mother. I love you all with my whole heart – your Andorinha. I love you Jesus.

Jesus Christ [22h55]

 My daughter, thank you for sitting with me, my Father, my Mother and the Holy Spirit.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, I am sorry to interrupt our converse, I had to explain to your daughter about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Novena.

Thank you my child, I heard and saw everything – I was pleased to walk with you to the phone.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Jesus.

My daughter, thank you for this morning, for attending my Holy Mass and the Stations of the Cross. Yes, I let you receive my Precious Body, two of my Blessed Hosts, my Body. I, your Jesus wanted you to receive me that way – it is a blessing. I want to bless you abundantly.

You still went to pick up my daughter ________ to be with your loved ones for lunch. You are a real little swallow. Do you know how many kilometers you flew today? Thank you for your patience to my children. Oh, today at 3pm my special ceremony about my passion, death and crucifixion on my Calvary ended. My pains, then my glory will be coming in the glory of the heavens, the jubilee will be rejoiced with my resurrection. 

My daughter, I know it was a bit too long, but my son priest Father Marie Joe does all my sufferings, my passion, with so much love to teach my ignorant people all about my death. Yes, some of my children think it was too long but my child, my forty days of fasting, penance, suffering, being tempted by the enemy and much more... Oh this week’s trials, tribulations and pains were more than three hours. That is why my children stayed with me, but I was alone for all forty days to save my children. Comparing three hours of their time is nothing compared to what I endured and undergo for the salvation of whole world. Thank you for taking your loved ones and your friends, sisters in Jesus Christ, with you.

My daughter, I have something to share, to relay to you. Today at my ceremony, at my passion at 3pm, I wanted to convey something to you. Yes, it was me, your Jesus: three times I opened my mouth and closed my eyes for you. You were not imagining things. I said to you that I will surprise today! Know my Petal, it was me, alive for you on my cross. Oh I was dead, full of blood running down my sacred face. I was there for you to let you know that, I, your Jesus, was there for you, for all my children. I allowed you to see that. Yes, I was in pain because at that instant I was in my death, going to eternal life to my Father, as the Scripture says. Thank you for looking upon me. I know you were a bit tired because of your long hours this morning. Thank you for being there for me, your Jesus of Nazareth. Tomorrow I will come alive in my resurrection to give life to my people.

My daughter, my dear Mother she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I, your Mother Mary say thank you for being with my Son Jesus and me, your Mother Mary. My Petal, today you were in an awe of love attending my Son’s death ceremonies. I must say, the whole week you were attending the church mission’s Stations of the Cross. Tomorrow, you must pray for what I asked you to pray. Oh, there is so much that is going to happen to this world. My daughter, I need you to help me because of what I asked you to pray for − our secret of the cyclone − the time is near. I, your Mother Mary, I am now in pain because of what happened to my Son this week, the disaster that will be coming soon, and all that is going to happen to the world. Oh the pains that my children will suffer, endless [5] pains because of this cyclone.

My daughter I have something to relay to you my child. I, your Mother Mary, the Mother of your Jesus, I am going to convey to you about this world in calamity, destruction, dismay and disarray of sins. Oh my child, soon I am going to describe to you something about my Son's Second Coming, the time of the three days of darkness my Son described to you. But I, your Mother Mary, have to tell you exactly what is coming for my children and about this world, as I said to you now. But my child, I want you to rest of a while − you need this rest, then I will come to you to explain all about my suffering and pains from this chaotic word.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Ladybird.

[2] Click here to download.

[3] Portuguese to English Translation: Swallow.

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessings.

[5] Original Portuguese word “interminavel” replaced with “endless”.