2012 New Year message for the world

Themes: apostolic times, Communion, death, fasting, forgiveness, God's love and mercy, God's pains, salvation, sins of the world
Jesus Christ

My children whom I love very much, whom I created and the Holy Spirit gave the breath of life to. My children, my love for all of you, my people, is unconditional. My children, created in my own image, your Jesus Christ’s, I am here to convey this message to all of you, without exception to anyone. I love you all equally.

I, your Jesus, allowed you to enter this New Year with a new beginning and a new love for all of you. My precious ones, I, your Jesus, have come to relay this to all of you. I want all of you to understand and absorb my living words, absorb them like a wet sponge in your hearts. I came here to give new hope, faith, trust and courage, this 2012 New Year, for you my people to listen to my call.

I was born a few days ago to bring salvation to the world. The purpose of my Father God in letting me be born and from a virgin, Blessed Mother, chosen by my Father, was to bring salvation to the world. What I, your Jesus of Nazareth and Bethlehem, want is for all of you, my children, to come to my heart. Open and let me come inside your heart (your home). I am waiting for your invitation. I never force myself onto any of you. I am a patient, caring and loving God, Jesus Christ. I wait for you to let me live in your hearts.

The purpose of my birth on this New Year is for you to live in me and I will live in your hearts. Oh, I do sit very quietly and patiently in your heart. Let there be peace and forgiveness amongst one another, a life of peace, joy, unity and tranquillity within your hearts. Let the anger, bitterness and unforgiveness of 2011 be in the past. Do not bring all these earthly things into the coming 2012 New Year. Let love, joy and unity live within your hearts.

My children, this chaotic world needs reparation because of so many sins. Let the past be washed away with Confession and repentance with a contrite heart. Come my precious children, love one another as I, your Jesus, loved you. Forgive one another as I forgave my enemies upon the cross. Live within your hearts, my teachings, my living words, my Ten Commandments. Begin this New Year as I, your Jesus, ask you to live. Do not let pride and arrogance take you away from my love. Humbleness and humility pleases me very much. Pray, pray without ceasing. My Beloved Mother Mary is asking all of you to pray the Rosary as a family. Oh, fasting is also the key against the enemy. The enemy hates my Mother Mary because he knows the Hail Mary prayer is the strongest weapon against the adversary.

Come my children to my Holy Mass with respect. Receive my Precious Body and Blood worthy of me. Oh my children, do not hurt my Sacred Heart as it is pierced because of the sins and receiving me unworthily.

Oh my children, my love for all of you is like an ocean – it is endless. My children, listen to my call: don’t wait for too long because tomorrow might be too late. I never knock at your door to advise you of the time and the hour of your last breath on earth. Always be prepared to encounter me and my Father. Then I will come in glory to accompany you at my Father’s throne, to ask for mercy and compassion for all your sins. I will defend you with my love from my Father’s wrath when you come to eternity.

I love you my precious children. Listen to my call. Do not ignore this plea that I, your Jesus, am pleading to all of my children. I am your loving Jesus of Bethlehem, born to come to you on this New Year.

I bless you, my peace I give to you all and upon this entire world. My children, I relay this message through my humble servant, my messenger.