God’s love for his children

Themes: God's love and mercy, loving God, trials and tribulations
Father God

My Petal, my Andorinha, I your Father God, I am here to converse with you, to say that I love you and all my people. My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I say tonight was very powerful at the Life in the Spirit Seminar. Oh, my son priest Father Richard April, my sincere, devout son, entrusted to teach, to fill my lambs, my sheep, my flock, with my love, God’s love. Oh what beautiful, rich, living words about God’s love. I thank you my son priest for infilling, infusing, my empty vessels with my love. My daughter, I, your Father, I am going to give a message for you to transmit to all my children at this Seminar.

My precious people, my lambs, I, your Father God, I am here to transmit, convey more profoundly, about my love, my Son Jesus’ love, the Holy Spirit and the Triune God. Our love, God’s love endures forever in your hearts. Our love has no measurements – it is an ocean of love, an immensity that no one can see or understand. Only when you, my children, my people, open your hearts completely to God’s love and let it enter and sink into your hearts, then you will feel how much God loves you. God’s love, our love, is an open tap, like a strong current of water that flows through your hearts. Our love is an immensity, it never runs short; it flows and flows upon and into your dry hearts. My children, God’s love endures forever. Even when you close your hearts to God’s love, he waits patiently to come into your hearts.

Do not waste time, do not even doubt how great, how powerful our love is. Even when you, my children, reject my love, I never leave you alone. I am always at your side to embrace you, to protect you, to give you strength, courage, faith and perseverance. Even when you don’t feel me, I do stay closer to you. Even during your hardships, trials and tribulations, you push me away, you don’t look for me and you don’t seek me, but my love for you is always beside you. I created you – you belong to me. How can a Father’s love be ignored? The Father God, he loves his children unconditionally, no exception to anyone. My love, God’s love is for all of you. I don’t have favourites. Oh my people, my love is a fountain of love for you for all eternity.

Oh my people, don’t ignore me, don’t ever doubt God’s love for you. In your time of calamity, call me. I will abide to come to your heart to stay forever in the depths of your heart. Come my children, invite me. Let me sit in your hearts. I need to rest in your heart. Will you, my child, accept me now in your heart? Oh I do sit very quietly. I don’t disturb you. I just ask you to feel and to love me all the days of your life. Amen.