The truth of the Holy Spirit

Themes: gifts of the Holy Spirit, God's love and mercy
Father God, Holy Spirit

Father God

My daughter, I, your Father God, I am here with the Holy Spirit to converse with you. My Petal, I, your Father, was very joyous about the first weekday of the Life in the Spirit Seminar. Oh what a beautiful talk from my son priest Father Badaoui. Oh, the Holy Spirit is here to relay a message about tonight...

The Holy Spirit

I am the Breath of Life. I am the light of your first breath. I am the light of your heart, soul and mind. I am the one who infuses you, my children, with wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When you are created by God, the Son – my Son – and Father God, I, the Holy Spirit, come to you to give you the Breath of Life, and I am the one who takes away your last breath on earth, on your last day, last minute, before you come to eternity forever. I am the Holy Spirit, with you for your entire life. I am constantly with you. Oh, but sometimes many of my children ignore me. I am with you constantly, but you very seldom call me to come and help you. I am your companion, your friend, your brother with the Holy Trinity. My children, I am very joyous when you call me, when you ask me for wisdom, vision and knowledge to infill you with the right judgement and knowledge in times of tribulations. Oh, many times, if you listen in the depths of your heart, I help you in many dangers to avoid the snares of the enemy. Know, my people: respect, love and adore the Holy Spirit as the Holy Triune God, as the Three-in-One Persons Inseparable.

My children, I am very pleased with this Life in the Spirit Seminar. I am going to infill you all with many gifts... Just open your hearts completely. Oh, do not fear, my children. I am very gentle, docile, patient, very kind and lovable in your hearts. Just let me come in: I will place in each one of you beautiful gifts that will differ from one another but are all for the same cause: for the honour and glory of my Son, Jesus. Use your beautiful gifts, do not hide them, they have been given to you for a purpose. Each one of you has beautiful, different ones and they are all special to us in heaven.

Thank you my people for listening to my message, my call to all of you. I relay this message through my Son’s messenger, our humble servant chosen by my Son, Jesus Christ.

Father God

My child Fernanda, I, your Father God, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, I say thank you for this time spent with us in conversation. Relay this message at the next seminar.

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving Father and the Holy Spirit. I love you. I will try and ask my leaders for permission to relay this message.

My Child, I am your Father God. We are the Holy Trinity. We are the strongest in heaven; we are your leaders. Oh, my people don’t understand how important your rare gift of Conversations with my God, my Jesus is. You converse with your Father, your Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother. Fear no criticism: you are chosen by my Son, you are our humble servant.