Forgiveness in families and the reality of hell

Themes: apostolic times, Confession and repentance, families, forgiveness, God's pains, heaven, hell, purgatory, salvation
Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for the time to sit with me and my Blessed Mother, my Father and the Holy Spirit. My Petal, thank you for the beautiful day today and my Holy Mass, where you took my Precious Body and Blood. My child, thank you for being with and helping my daughters. My daughter ________ was in need of teaching. I gave you the discernment to see and explain to her about the rope and knots that need to be broken loose with her loved one.

My Petal, I, your Jesus, I was very happy with the manner in which you described it to my daughter. Yes, she needs to be open to the Holy Spirit within her, regarding her loved one [1]. It is time to forgive one another. I want unity between my children and families, it is very important for their souls, their salvation. Explain to my children about forgiveness in entering my kingdom. It is time to reconciliate the knots from the past and be united because when I call my children to eternal life, I don’t give the time, date or year. My children have to be prepared for my last call. Understanding, love, peace, unity, forgiveness, repentance, repentance and Confession with a contrite heart is what I desire so much for my children’s salvation.

[Personal Message Begin]

My daughters ________ and ________, I need both of you in my kingdom – an example has to be set in your family. I want to save all of my children and don’t want my children to perish. I forgave my enemies with much heavier pains. What I endured on Via Dolorosa was very painful but I let go of any anger right there. I let out my cry to my Father, “Father, forgive them because they don’t know what are they doing.” My children, I set the example – I didn’t keep it, I forgave before I died. My precious children, I, your Jesus, love you equally. I died for all of you. I don’t have favourites and didn’t pick and choose any of my children. Love one another as I love you. My precious children, my love for all of you is unconditional. Thank you my beloved children, whom I created and gave the breath of life to, for serving me with pure, clean hearts. Peace, love, harmony, unity and forgiveness comes from me, your Jesus of Nazareth. Hatred and unforgiveness is not from me, my children. I give my peace and blessings to all of my children.

My daughter ________ I say thank you for the open heart and love towards me, your Jesus of Nazareth. I thank you my child for your praise, appreciation and gratitude towards me, your Jesus and my dear Mother. Very few of my children remember to come back to me and thank me in a gesture of appreciation – they carry on the same way as always. My kingdom is open for my grateful, loving children with humbleness towards me and my Mother.

My child, yes, I did present you with a bouquet of roses, as many as your birthday. My child, my rays of Divine Mercy are a symbol of my love, appreciation and gratitude to my apostles for being my apostles and teaching my children with sincere, clean and pure hearts. I want my apostles to come to my heart, to be the seeds, to plant on the dry fields of my scattered flock, my sheep’s pathways. Oh the soil is very dry, the weeds have to be taken out and sifted from the soil.

Thank you my daughter. I give you my peace and blessings to you and your loved ones. My Mother’s Divine Mantle will cover and wrap you all and she will protect you and your loved ones from the foe, my enemy.

I, your Jesus of Nazareth come to you at this time to convey this message of love, courage, strength and gratitude through my messenger, my humble servant.

[Personal Message End]

[Fernanda] Thank you, my loving Jesus. I love you.

My daughter, convey my messages to my children. My Andorinha [2], your Blessed Mother is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I your Mother Mary, the Mother of your Jesus say thank you for sitting and conversing with my Son, Jesus Christ and me, your Mother. My daughter, I, your Mother, want to say thank you for helping my children, for teaching them about humility. Yes, my Petal, my children find it difficult to forgive and to love one another, especially in their own families. If my children believed in my Son’s teachings about hell and purgatory, this would be a different world. My daughter, soon I will show you. I told you before about hell. My Petal, my Son left in this world all the teachings, prophets, Bible, apostles, messengers and visionaries for my children to see and repent but they care only about material things – their souls are not important. They think and say that hell doesn’t exist. Oh, when my people complain and say that hell is already in this world, how painful it is for me and my Son to hear all of this. It is a very painful heartache to watch and see this kind of blasphemy and ignorance in my children. My daughter, my Son’s pains are very painful for me to witness.

My Petal, I have so much still to teach you, to explain much more to you, to explain about your task and where you are going.


[1] Her sister

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow