Priests must keep doors open for Adoration as all will be protected

Themes: Adoration, God's love and mercy, God's pains, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, praying, sins of the world
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Father God

My child, I, your Father God, I am so pleased about the love you have given us. Your love is balm to our aching hearts, especially to my Son Jesus and his Beloved Mother when they are in pain because of this chaotic, destroyed world. Oh, time is very precious. If only my children would listen and hear our cries for help. It is the most painful thing to endure and see my Son’s cries for help and my children turning away from my Son and his Mother’s cries to come to his loving heart.

My daughter, I, your Father, say thank you for this hour spent with my Son at his Blessed Sacrament. As my Son said to you before: tell my son priests, my Church and my bishops to let the churches and my Son Jesus Christ’s temples be open to adore my Son at his Blessed Sacrament. Oh, it brings so much joy to my Son’s aching heart when my children come and visit my Son Jesus at his Blessed Sacrament. My Son does not sit in his tabernacle: he waits patiently for our children to arrive and then he then sits with them and listens to all their pains. Oh, he wipes away their tears shed in despair and pain, imploring him for help in their hardships − and Mother Mary, because she is always interceding to her Beloved Son for all their children’s pleas.

My Son is sitting with you at this moment, with me your Father, the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary. Oh, we are so happy because you displayed your cushion on the bench and also gave us your blanket to keep us warm. My child, you are sitting at my Son’s tabernacle at this time of the morning, so happy and joyous in our conversation while my children are having a good night’s sleep. Oh this sacrifice is the most balm to my Son’s Heart.

My children must not fear to come and do Adoration of my Son in my Son’s churches because my Son will protect all of his children who come to praise, adore him and pray. He will concede so many graces to our children and their loved ones.

My daughter Fernanda, my Son is at this moment caressing your hair. Oh, he smiles at his Andorinha [1]. Oh, soon you will see my Son’s glory, sitting next to you, then, you can explain to my children, my priests and my bishop about my Son’s desire to be adored, glorified and praised in many churches and tabernacles of my Son’s heart.

All glory and honour be to my Son Jesus Christ, who gave his life for all of humankind, all of the world, without exception to anyone. My Son’s love to his children has no limit, it is an ocean of mercy to all of his creation, his loved children.

My daughter, I your Father give my peace to you, to your loved ones and to all my children. I place my peace on the whole world.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, my Mother Mary is waiting to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I, your mother Mary, say thank you for this special hour, sitting here with my Son Jesus in his Blessed Sacrament. Oh, what a great joy! Oh, my little one, at one time you fell asleep in my Son’s arms − you were very tired. My Son Jesus permitted it as he wanted you to rest in his loving arms. Oh, you were like a little lamb cuddled in his arms on his lap. What a joy to my Son’s heart, just the sacrifice to sit with him at this hour. You know that our Father and the Holy Trinity are here together with my Son and me, your Mother Mary. Oh a multitude of angels and saints are also here in a choir and in unison of voices to receive your prayer intercessions, sighs and petitions, and take them to heaven. That is what happens at every one of my Son’s tabernacles.

Oh, if only my children would see and understand this beautiful time spent with my Son and what it does to my Son’s pierced crown of thorns that he has in his loving heart, placed by the sinners and non-believers. They have placed an unbearable pain on my Beloved Son’s heart, which is kind, merciful and compassionate towards his children.

My daughter, pray, pray, as you received news today of some of my children wanting to commit abortion. I told you earlier about my pains and my Son’s. Pray the Rosary of the unborn for these intentions. Thank you for relaying the message to my children about this specific abortion that was about to be committed. I saw your heart was in pain in communicating to my daughter ________ to not commit this crime.

Thank you my daughter. I bless you and your loved ones and the whole world. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

I your Jesus, I want you to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet at this hour, 3:30 am, for this intention. Ask my Father to have mercy on this soul, as you have been praying.

Thank you. I bless you my precious little Andorinha. I give my peace to you and the entire world.


[1] Translation from Portuguese to English: Swallow