Abolish Communion on hands, ignore false prophets and repent

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, end times, God's pains, God's wrath, Holy Mass, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, praying, prophecy, salvation, Second Coming, sins of the world, spiritual warfare, the Church
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for sitting with me, your Jesus, my Father, my Holy Spirit and my dear Mother.

Father God

My daughter, I, your Father God, come here to converse with you with all of my heart. Oh, my little precious child, I, your Father, say thank you for all the prayers asking me to have mercy on my children, on their souls. Oh, I received them in the abode of my heart.

My child, I have something very important for you to convey to my son priests, my bishops and my holy pope, the head of my Son’s Church, entrusted to him like Peter the Rock − he was the head of my Church. My child, you are my Son’s messenger, our messenger chosen by my Son, Jesus Christ, for his Second Coming, which is near. My child, I, your Father God, I have chosen you at this moment as my Son Jesus did, for you to relay this message to my son priests and to the highest of my Church.

My daughter, I have this very serious, important message to reciprocate to them: my son priests, I, your Father God, I come here through our messenger, chosen by my Son Jesus, to convey my desire and my Son’s pains to you. My sons, I, your Father God am very profoundly hurt by what my people are doing to my Son’s Precious Body and Blood. My son priests, convey to your superiors what I am relaying to you. I want my children to receive my Son’s Precious Body in their mouths, not on their hands. I want them to receive my Son with respect, as he deserves, like the beginning of times. I want my holy pope to abolish this receiving of my Son in their hands − it is not acceptable anymore. My people receive my Son’s Body in their hands then, they hide him in the most outrageous places in their bodies. Oh, then they sell him at the church doors for money. My Son was sold 2,000 years ago for money (silver). He endured many pains and suffering. I no longer permit his pains and suffering through this atrocity. The time has come to stop, to abolish this. My Son’s Precious Body is sold for satanic work and used especially with my youth. They use my youth, my innocent children, who are being lured into this evil trap like a fox’s prey. My sons, I, your Father, I am very hurt to see all of this being done to my Only Begotten Son, whom I gave to die to save all of my people. If you had to see my Son’s crown of thorns placed on his loving heart…

I, your Father God, I say to you solemnly: my Son’s hand is getting too tired. Every day, every second of the day I see my Beloved Son pleading, pleading to me, his Almighty Father, to forgive them. He asks me for more time for my children to repent. I am waiting for my Son to give me a sign and I will turn this world into pain. I love my Son dearly. My love for my Son holds back my wrath. He placates my heart.

I also want my children to genuflect when they receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood. My Son gives my son priests a special blessing to hear Confession, but it is my Son Jesus in the confessional who absolves my children. My son priests are the only ones who can consecrate my Son’s Precious Body and Blood, and they are supposed to be the only ones that give his Precious Body and Blood to all of our children. Only on special occasions, like visiting the sick, can lay people give my Son’s Precious Body and Blood. I repeat: my son priests, bishops, cardinals and my son the pope are the only ones with this special blessing on their special day − blessed by my Son, Jesus Christ, whom I gave to the world to save all our children − there are no exceptions, he loves them all equally, and there are no favourites in my Son's merciful heart.

My precious sons, I your Father God, I came to convey and relay this message to you my son, the head of the church, entrusted on this mission by my Son Jesus Christ. I, your Father God, I relay this message through my humble servant Fernanda, our messenger for my Son Jesus’ Second Coming. I bless you all, and my peace is placed upon you and the whole world.

My daughter Fernanda, I, your Father, say thank you for this special time spent with me your Father and the Holy Trinity. My child, do not fear criticism or persecution. Go forward to my son priest [1] and relay this message given to you from me, your Almighty Father God, the ruler of the universe, with my Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – the Triune God.

Thank you for praying always and loving the Holy Trinity. Explain to my son priests how you receive my Son Jesus with respect: genuflecting and in your mouth with a clean pure heart. Confession is very essential, as my Son explained to you and told you to tell all my children that it pleases us in heaven.

Thank you my little Andorinha [2]. I your Father say thank you for this special time in conversation with me. My daughter, my Son Jesus is here to converse with you.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, I, your Jesus say thank you for conversing with my Father and me. Oh my little one, I am here with my Father to listen to this special dialogue with my Father. My Petal, I want to say that you must go to my son priest and my bishop in my holy name. My child, time is near for you to be known by my clergy of the church, my son priest’s superiors.

My daughter, I know your heart today, you have been thinking and you want to ask me something?

[Fernanda] Oh my Jesus, can I ask you something very important? I don’t want to offend my Jesus. I don’t want to hurt my loving Jesus.

Oh my little Parrot, my Petal, you may ask. I am conversing with you.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, everybody has been talking today, these past few days, about the end of the world. They say some pastor in America or here says that Saturday 21 May is the end of the world, and some of your children are scared about it. Thank you my Jesus. I am sorry for this question maybe I am not supposed to know anything?

My daughter Fernanda, my humble servant, I, your God, your Lord, came here at this hour to converse with you with an open heart with my Father, the Holy Spirit and my dear Mother. You are our humble servant, my messenger. My child, I say to you: be in my peace with this gossiping, these false tongues and false prophets. My child, my End of Times, yes, I have said to you many times that my End of Times is near but do not fear these tongues of the falsely informed. My child, you are my messenger for my End of Times and my Second Coming. There are no such words as “end of the world” (fim do mundo). My child, my Second Coming is near, very near, that is what I said to you many times in many messages given to you through me your Jesus, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my dear Mother, the Mother of your loving Jesus, the Saviour of the world. You are my hope in these times to bring souls to my kingdom, to help me, your Jesus, to save souls. You have to go to prayer groups − it’s my only hope, then in time to come, which is near, you are going to faraway places overseas.

I have explained all this to you. Oh my child you have one very difficult task, mission to embrace but my Petal, as we said to you before, the Holy Trinity, my Blessed Mother, my angels and my saints will be your safeguard, your protection, the Armour of God (Ephesians 6) will be standing in the midst of your mission. We are your pillar of strength. With your Jesus, your Lord, there is no fear.

My precious little one, tonight at my Divine Mercy Seminar, I was very joyous about you. Oh, you read and prayed the decade of the Chaplet with your heart. Oh, your pronunciation is improving. My child, thank you for being obedient. I was overjoyed with you and all of my precious children. My son priest, he spoke about me and my Divine Mercy in his sermon. It was beautiful. My daughter, soon I will take you away on a beautiful mission. My daughter, oh about my End of Times, you know that I, your Jesus, have given you a secret about what is going to happen in those three days. My child, when the time comes, I, your Jesus, will be standing with you. I will inform you to help my children. My daughter, I repeat: everything is written in the Book of Heaven. Yes, time is approaching for my children to repent, repent, repent − that’s the key word for my End of Times, then my children, my people, can be saved. My daughter, I will convey a message to you about my End of Times in time to come, to teach and to explain in more detail about it.

I, your Jesus, say thank you for this special time. My beloved Mother is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, thank you for sitting in this position conversing with the Father, my Son and me your Mother Mary. Oh, thank you for the kisses given to my Son and for saying, “I love you my Jesus.” My daughter, I want to say thank you for the prayers said to us, especially the anti-abortion Rosary and for the prayers to my daughter, Sister Reinolda May.

My daughter, I your Mother, I have something to convey to you. My Petal, I, your Mother say in my Son Jesus’ holy name: fear nothing. Yes, my Son’s Second Coming is near as has been said many times to you. My Son will not allow anyone but his true messenger to know this: only his true messenger will have a sign, a rare sign. My child, we will prepare you. Oh your mission has to go forward. Pray, pray for more time for the world. Ask my Son for more time for the world and ask for forgiveness and mercy from our Father for their souls, as you have been praying. Oh, it pleases us very much but you need to pray; pray more, as often as you can. Oh my child, it helps a lot when you ask my Son for more time, especially when you pray the Rosary of my Tears of Blood. Oh, my Son intercedes to his Father constantly, to give more time to our children to repent, to come to Confession and repent. He asks his Father to have mercy, compassion and also to give more time to the world. My daughter, my Son and I, we are constantly in pain and anguish, interceding to the Father. I constantly intercede and plea to my Son Jesus to give us more time.

I your Mother Mary, I bless you, your loved ones and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call.


[1] Spiritual director

[2] Translation from Portuguese to English: Swallow