Jesus’ Body and Blood must be received worthily, respectfully and in the mouth

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, forgiveness, God's pains, praying, sins of the world, the Church
Father God

My little one, I, your Father have this to convey to my son priests, to my Church and my bishops. I, your Father, I am not pleased with my with my children receiving my Son’s Precious Body and Blood on their hands. My child, tell my son priests that they have to convey to my bishop, and my bishop to my son the pope, Benedict XIV. My son priests must reciprocate to the church.

I, your Father, the Holy Trinity, we are very hurt at the way my children use my Son’s Precious Body and Blood for satanic work against my youth. They use my youth to perform the worst sacrileges against my Son’s Body and Blood. My children receive my Son in their hands, showing no respect whatsoever for my Son. When they hide my Son in their filthy hands, they place my Son in a most disgusting place. Then they come and sell my Son’s Precious Body, which has been consecrated by my son priests and is no longer a wafer but my Son’s Precious Body.

Oh, the sacrifice: my Son gives himself to his children. My people don’t comprehend how important it is to receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood worthy of my Son. Oh, when my children receive my Son unworthy of him, with their hearts full of hatred, jealousy, enviousness and malice towards one another, praying the “Our Father” asking me to forgive them, yet they never forgive their enemies or one another. But I, your Father, I have compassion for them but then, where is their love and compassion for their brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ? Oh, my children, they have to be taught all of this over and over again, to understand how much it hurts my Son to go into his children’s hearts with impurities; outrageous sins that have never been confessed, never repented with a contrite heart.

My Son’s Church, my holy pope, has to abolish giving my Son’s Precious Body in their hands. They must genuflect, as you do. Oh it pleases us to see you coming to receive my Son with a clean heart having been in Confession, genuflecting and blessing yourself. My child, we know you are doing it not for the world but for your love of my Son Jesus. The Holy Trinity knows your pure heart. My children will eventually follow your example on this. Oh, you have been a very good pupil and you will be a good teacher in my Son’s holy name.

Thank you, my Andorinha [1], for your time spent with us listening to our messages. I give my peace to you and to the whole world. I, your Father God, love all my children.

[Fernanda] Thank you my dear Father, I love you, I adore you, I praise you with all heart.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow