Many ignore Jesus’ teachings and enter eternity with dark sins, committing themselves to terrible suffering in purgatory and hell

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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for sitting with your Jesus, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother. My daughter, I, your Jesus, say thank you for being with me in my tabernacle, accompanying my daughter Alice. Know my child, my Father, the Holy Spirit, my dear Mother and oh, a multitude of angels and saints were there as well. Thank you my Petal for teaching my children my Divine Mercy Chaplet in your home language Portuguese. Oh, I was very pleased with that. Oh I also want to thank you for bringing my children to visit me at my tabernacle. Yes, I was at the door to welcome my newcomers. Yes, I did touch my children’s hearts, especially my daughter ________. She was in awe of my love. Thank you for your kind gesture, this act of love to teach my astray flock to come and praise and adore me. Oh, in time to come, my children and my daughter ________ will come to adore me at my tabernacle. You planted the seed − I will do the rest in my children’s hearts. My daughter, my dear Father is here to converse with you.

Father God

My daughter Fernanda, my humble servant, I, your Father say thank you for all the love in teaching my children about my Son Jesus and Mother Mary. I was in the midst of all of the conversation. Oh, the teachings to my people, oh, I am pleased with your humbleness. You teach, yet you try not have pride – you humble yourself in saying those prayers with your humility. You don’t want them to feel you are more than them. You are doing it with beautiful simplicity − not to hurt my ignorant sheep, my flock. Thank you my Petal. I, your Father, say with so much love to you and to all my children. I, your Father, feel so happy when I see some of my children alleviating my Son’s pierced heart. It’s only moments like these that placate my wrath, my heart, in seeing my Only Begotten Son being crucified all over and over again. My daughter Fernanda, this gesture of love towards the Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother pleases me. You could have gone for your beauty sleep at this hour after arriving from the shrine but you choose to sit with us, the Holy Trinity and dear Mother Mary. My precious child, your sacrifice to sit with us, brings joy, balm to my Son’s heart and his Beloved Mother’s.

My Petal, I your Father I have this message to convey to you, my messenger for my Son’s Second Coming...

I, your Father God, I am here sitting with my humble servant to relay to my children a message of love towards my Son Jesus, the Saviour of the whole world. My people, listen to me, your Father God Almighty. I am here to say to all of you solemnly: I want all of my children to listen to my Son’s call, to come to his loving heart because my Son Jesus Christ is in so much excruciating pain. I repeat: I love my Son dearly without exception to any of my children, but there is a time and a limit for everything. I am here because I love you all as well, my people, as I love my only Begotten Son; but the time has come to a standstill, where my children must stop and listen to my Son’s pleas to his children to repent, repent. I did and I do repeat the same words as my Son Jesus, for all of you to listen, listen, absorb everything that has been said to all of you. My Son is sending his messenger, my humble servant Fernanda, for the End of Times. My Son has been teaching my Son’s living words through the Holy Bible. He has been placed on this earth, as well as many, many of his messengers, apostles and evangelists through many of his chosen children, to help bring our children to salvation, which was his purpose 2,000 years ago and for whom he died. His Beloved Mother walks kilometres all over the world and appears to visionaries, all for the same purpose: to bring salvation to all of humankind, to the lost astray sheep, flock. But, my people, how long can my Son wait through these arduous times to convert my people and save them from perishing in hell. Oh, if only our children would think about what hell is. Yes, my Son has been saying all along the years, years upon years, teaching and showing his messengers and visionaries apparitions about hell and purgatory but there is no repentance or contrite hearts. I, your Father God, I, am a merciful God, full of compassion, but what my people are doing to my Son with so many sins, horrendous sins, has been going on for far too long; this suffering is beyond painful. He doesn’t deserve this kind of punishment again with a heavy cross upon his shoulders.

My children: repent. I, your Father, ask again: Confession, love one another, listen to all the messages given by my Son to his humble servant Fernanda. She has written down all of them to teach and explain what I am saying at this precise moment. I, your Father God, the Father of your Saviour Jesus Christ, who shed his blood on Golgotha to save all of you, I say all, without picking and choosing: you have all been created by my Son − there are no exceptions with any of you. I, your Father, give my peace, my peace I place upon you and all of my children.

Thank you my Petal for being obedient to me your Father, for sitting with me “us” at this hour of the morning, 05h47 am. My daughter, my Son Jesus is here to conclude our conversation.

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving Father God. I love you my Holy Trinity. I adore you, I praise you always, my teacher, my guidance, my breath of life. My will belongs to my Holy Trinity and my dear Mother, the Mother of my Saviour, of my King, the King of the whole universe.

Jesus Christ

My daughter Fernanda, I your Jesus, your Lord, your God, say thank you for all of these beautiful words and love, for your patience in sitting with us to converse with the Holy Trinity and my dear Mother. My dear Mother is waiting to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, I your Mother Mary, I have been waiting patiently for you to alleviate my aching heart. My little one, know when you are with us in conversation, you bring joy into our aching hearts. Your love in your heart to be with us is much appreciated in heaven. My daughter, thank you for sharing your concern with my daughter Alice about my holy grounds. You know that our Father God, the Holy Spirit, my Son Jesus and me, your Mother Mary, were sitting with you in my Son’s chapel, shrine. Thank you for inviting us to sit with you and for the cushion and the blanket you shared with us. Yes, my daughter, I understand, you were not gossiping, you want the best in my holy grounds. Yes, I don’t want division. I want you to pray against my adversary at all times, whatever belongs to me and my Son Jesus, to bring souls, to convert souls, to save our children. My adversary is always there to cause division, to destroy, corrupt, to decay my churches, my son priests and my youth − that’s why, my humble servant, I want you to pray for all of this. Oh, fasting, fasting for this intention is very powerful. Also tell my children that I desire my children to fast to combat the evil tricks on their lives. It is a very powerful weapon, as is the Rosary. I, your Mother Mary, in my apparitions to my visionaries always ask to pray, pray the Rosary as a family, fasting, Confession and attend my Son’s Holy Mass regularly. Pray especially for the ones who don’t go to Mass. Do not neglect my Son’s Holy Mass and receive my Son − please, I ask you my children, please − worthy of my Son. Come to Confession and repent with a contrite heart. Malice against one another, hatred, unforgiveness, wishing evil upon each other, gossiping, falsely accusing, judging their brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and sharp tongues are some of the most terrible, awkward, perfidious sins against my Son’s will. These are the darkest sins that they have to confess with a contrite heart. Oh, the inheritance curses as well. It is very painful when my children come to eternal life with all of these sins in their dark hearts. Oh, the purification in eternal life is very painful to watch my children suffer.

Oh, that is why I ask to pray for the souls in purgatory, the souls in waiting of their salvation. Oh my Son and I suffer to see our children going through this kind of suffering. Oh, if only my children would listen and pay attention to all of my Son’s commandments and teachings.

My Petal, write everything − all of these messages – and teach our children all of this. Oh, when my Son and I say repent, repent, it’s because we love our children so dearly. We don’t want these kinds of pain and suffering on them. My Son never forces anybody. He gave them free will to choose to be saved. He just wants them to open their hearts and he will do the rest to save them.

Thank you my humble servant for this special time with the Holy Trinity and me, your Mother Mary, at this hour of the morning. Oh, thank you for never looking at the time. It pleases my Son very much. I bless you, your loved ones, family and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call.

[Fernanda] Thank you querida mãe [1], mommy of my life, my heart belongs to you. Keep me always in your heart, my Jesus’ heart, my Father’s heart, my Holy Spirit’s heart. I don’t want to be separated or lost ever again. I want to die when my time comes in all your hearts. I love you, I love you.

Jesus Christ

Oh, thank you my little one, our little parrot, ready to speak, expand, spread our living word, our love, our teachings, messages given to you from me, your Jesus, my Father and my Blessed Mother. I give you my peace and love to you, your loved ones, family, friends, enemies and the whole world.

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving Lord Jesus Christ. Sua bênção [2], my Holy Trinity and my Blessed Mother. I love you all with all my heart. Beijinhos [3].

Beijinhos, too, my humble servant.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: dear mother

[2] Portuguese to English translation: your blessing

[3] Portuguese to English translation: little kisses