Rosary to alleviate Jesus’ pains on his wounded shoulder

Father God

My humble servant, I, your Father, I have this to confide, to relay to you about this secret pain. My child, my Son Jesus has this tremendous pain upon his shoulder. The pain on my Son’s shoulder... oh, many of my children ignore this pain, many are very ignorant about this pain. I, your Father, I ask you to honour this pain on my Son’s left shoulder. Oh, many ignore how tremendous this pain was, the weight upon his shoulder – it is my Son’s secret pain that he still endures every day because of the immense sins caused by his children. My daughter, I, your Father, I am going to give you a prayer request, a Rosary, for you to pray for my Son’s endless pains. It is prayed in this way [1]...

My loving Father God, my Eternal Father, I, your child [2], I am here to ask you and my Holy Spirit this prayer request for your Beloved Son Jesus’ shoulder – the most horrible pain that my Jesus Christ suffered on Via Dolorosa when he was carrying that heavy cross to save us all.

My Father God, my Holy Spirit, I am in proxy at this moment for your Beloved Son Jesus Christ, to alleviate his pain upon his shoulder while he was carrying the cross of our salvation, and to bring relief to my Jesus’ pain at this moment, for the pain that he still endures and undergoes every second of the day; the cross that he still carries upon his shoulder because we, your children, still cause this pain every day because of our sins.

Mother Mary, I pray now to you at the foot of the cross, your Son’s cross, to ask your Son Jesus to forgive your children who cause this pain on your Son’s shoulder. Mother Mary, I ask you to be with me on this intercession to heaven, to come and help me to pray this intense prayer to my Holy Trinity, to ask our Father God for mercy, compassion and forgiveness upon your children who still hurt your Son Jesus’ painful shoulder.

Mother Mary, I, your child, I say thank you for all your pains in seeing your Son in so much pain, and for your Immaculate Heart’s pains. Thank you for your love towards us. Amen.

Pray the Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be, then say...

To alleviate my Jesus’ pain upon his left shoulder.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, your pain is unbearable to see your Son with his shoulder in pain.

[A] Start Decade i by saying...

Father, through the merits of your Son Jesus’ pains upon his shoulder, forgive the sinners.

[B] Repeat ten times...

Jesus, I ask you to give us and the world more time. I pray to alleviate the pain upon your shoulder.

Repeat [A] and [B] above for Decades ii, iii, iv and v.

Then, say the Hail Holy Queen, followed by...

Mother Mary, your pain is unbearable to see your Son’s wounded shoulder. Have pity on the tepid, lukewarm souls. Amen.

My Petal, this is a Rosary to alleviate my Son’s wounded shoulder. Amen. Pray this Rosary. Give copies to my people to alleviate my Son’s pains upon his shoulder. Thank you, my humble servant, for your time spent in prayer to help my Son’s pains. I, your Father, desire that my people venerate my Son’s wounded shoulder. This prayer request is called “Prayer request for my loving Jesus’ wounded shoulder”. Thank you. I, your Father, ask you to recite this Rosary and teach my people how painful my Son’s pain upon his shoulder is because of carrying the cross of today’s sins.


[1] The [A] and [B] instructions below have been modified to clarify the implementation of the chaplet, but the prayer is in its original form.

[2] The original words “humble servant” have been replaced with “child” throughout the prayer.