The Precious Blood of Jesus shed on Golgotha captured on camera in the House of Caiaphas

Theme - God's Pains, Mother Mary's Pains, Praying, Salvation
Jesus Christ

My daughter, thank you for sitting with me and my beloved Mother. My child, thank you for today. Oh, to see all my children united as one, my special children, my group who visited me in my Holy Land. My Petal, I was very pleased with you. Why do you fear to speak about our conversations? It is a rare gift. You must introduce my messages to my children. Do not fear criticism. I said to you before that you are my chosen desire for my End of Times. Time is near, time is running out. My child, your mission, your task is nearly at your doorstep. You have to open your heart to my messages.

Thank you for the photos taken in my holy place and thank you for giving them to my children. Oh, what a beautiful gift I have given to you in the course of my children’s visit. Yes, I know why the camera didn’t work [1]. It was me, your Jesus. It was my plan. I wanted to show all your friends, my children, my Precious Body and Blood shed on Golgotha. The prison where my torment and persecutions started was there. Yes my child, it was blood all over the walls, my Precious Blood that I shed there for the salvation of all my people, but my children, they don’t understand. I allowed you to take the special picture, photo. My precious child, I wanted you to have my blood with you. My Petal, I, your Jesus, want to convey something to you about my Precious Blood. My Petal, I, your Jesus, want to say that your time is near. Time is near for your assignment my child.

My daughter, my Precious Blood is very powerful, especially when my children pray. They must pour my Precious Blood over them, especially the youth. I, your Jesus, get very happy and joyous because when my children call me, my Precious Blood circulates from my Blood to my children.

[Click here for a high resolution image of Jesus' Precious Blood]


[1] Fernanda was in the Holy Land at the beginning of September 2009, and while she was taking a photo at the prison in the house of Caiaphas, her camera stopped working and she was unable to take more photographs. On returning to South Africa, she took the camera to develop the photographs. The photograph shown here was the last one taken before her camera jammed. The wall, which was blank at the time of taking the photo, was covered in the Precious Blood of Jesus. Careful observation of the photo will reveal Jesus’ badly bruised face and a side profile of Mother Mary’s sorrowful face on his chest, the evil one’s eye and other images.