Mother Mary did not die: she was taken in her sleep, aged 66, by angels to the beam of heaven

11/02/2016 at 02h00
Themes: apostolic times, Communion, end times, loving God, praying, Rosary, sins of the world
Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for waking up and conversing with me, your Jesus Christ. My child, I, your Jesus, I am here with you.

My child, I need you, very soon, to proclaim my holy name. The world is so afraid to speak about my holy name, about the desires of my heart to have my children in my Kingdom of Heaven. Oh, the world has shut down the doors of my love. If they receive messages of foul language, jokes, about this perfidious world, they smile and they turn away from my living Word. In my children’s schools, there is so much teaching about many things of this world, but about me, their Jesus, there is not a word. Where are the crucifixes to protect my youth, my children? Where are the prayers as before, the Our Father and other prayers to shield my children? My youth are going in a very different way of my teachings and there is not a word, no talking about me, their Jesus.

My Petal, tonight, your heart was burning like a furnace in [the] fire of my love. My little Fernanda, I am your Jesus Christ. I need you to spread my messages. Time is running out.

My children, listen with the voice of your hearts. Embrace my love, my will, upon each of you. Keep this love wrapped as a tiny seed planted in your heart, then I will do the rest. Do not fear to talk about me, your Jesus Christ. Do not deny me on earth, then, I will not deny you in front of my Father on the day of your judgement. I am your source of life. I died for you. Keep me close in your heart. These forty days of Lent are all about my sufferings. Appease my Sacred Heart.

My Petal, only my love can sustain you.

My child, pray for my daughter ________. Help this, my child who is lost, corrupted by the enemy. My daughter ________, she will eventually be healed. “Perseverance” is the keyword.

I woke you because my Sacred Heart of Jesus [is in pain]. [My children must] consecrate, Enthrone, my Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes – it’s all about learning and coming closer to my heart. Oh my children must not fear. They must let the Holy Spirit take control and let my holy words flow to reciprocate the outcome of this chaotic world.

My child, I, your Jesus, I am here to say that you want so much to know about my Mother’s “death”?

My child, I am your Jesus of Nazareth, your spouse, your daily bread as you receive me in Holy Communion. You desire to know about my Mother Mary’s “death” in Turkey and how she ascended into heaven. My child Fernanda, I, your Jesus, I gave you a rare gift called “Conversations with my God, my Lord Jesus Christ for his Second Coming, End of Times”, which is approaching.

My Mother Mary lived in Turkey. While I was dying upon the cross, I said, “Woman, this is your son,” and to John, the obedient Apostle, I said, “John, this is your Mother.” My son John the Apostle then took my Mother to Ephesus in Turkey, but it was too dangerous there. Then, John took my Mother, “his Mother”, to his house. My Mother lived a normal life until the age of 66. Then, in my Mother’s sleep, she was taken by the angels – body, soul and spirit – pure as crystal water, without any sin while she lived on earth. Yes, my children are saying my Beloved Mother died: no, she was taken in her sleep to the beam of heaven, ascended to heaven. Oh, it was beautiful to see how the angels carried my Mother. She lives today: doing, praying, interceding for each one of you my children. Her heart is pouncing in prayer to save her children, but many blaspheme my Beloved Mother’s virginity and use foul language against my Beloved Mother. Oh, my Mother loves all her children – she pleas, she cries, asking my help for all of your salvation

My Petal, it is almost 3am. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the moribunds of this hour, for the dying, and for the intentions you always pray. And for the youth, for their conversions, and all of your loved ones, and all my children. Thank you, my prayer warrior.

I bless you abundantly, your loved ones, family, grandchildren, godchildren, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

♥ Our heart is your pillar of strength for many of my children.

[Fernanda] ♥♥♥♥ xxxx

I give you my peace, the peace in marriages and in this entire world. Amen.

I, your Jesus, your spouse, I love you, my little one. [I give you] our peace in your heart. Amen.