You are mine, you belong to me, you are my flesh and blood

Themes: Baptism, Communion, death, fasting, God's pains, Holy Mass, Repentance and Confession, salvation, sickness and suffering, spiritual warfare, the Church
Jesus Christ

My Petal, I, your Jesus, I am here to converse with you, to relay a message to all of my precious children about their salvation.

My precious children, my devoted ones who came to this seminar [1] to be enriched and fulfilled with many gifts. I have a message for all of you about salvation. Oh, salvation... I am going to fulfil you all with my love.

Salvation is most pleasing to my heart, your Jesus Christ’s heart. Salvation to all of you my children. My aim is to save you all. My purpose for being crucified and suffering excruciating pains on that heavy cross was to save you all... oh, my pains that I still endure. Today, a crown of thorns pierces my heart, worse than the one I suffered on Calvary upon my head. My sacrifice on Via Dolorosa was for your salvation. I still suffer immense, horrific pains because I see many of my children, whom I gave my life for, coming to eternity and being in damnation of sin upon sin because they refused to be saved while on this earth.

Oh, my precious children: all of you belong to me. You are my own flesh and blood. You turn away from me your Jesus, your Saviour. My dear ones, come and receive my salvation that I am giving to you for free from the abode of my heart. I want to save you all. Come my children: it is time to repent, repent. Come to Confession with a contrite heart. Do not reject my salvation that I, your Jesus, your God, your Lord, give to you. I am here at this seminar, at this hour, to receive you all, to give you salvation, for you my precious children, to sit with me in the Banquet of the Lamb, to enjoy the beautiful paradise of heaven.

Oh, my children, I do not ask you for too much of your time. I just ask you at this, the beginning of Lent, which starts today. I fasted for forty days and I allowed myself to carry that heavy cross of all your sins to bring to you your salvation. My children, accept my invitation today. Come to me, your Jesus. Oh, I love you so much. I ask you again: repent. I will forgive you all of your sins, even the most horrendous ones, when you come to Confession. I sit there and listen to all of your sins confessed with a contrite heart.

Oh, I am invisible there in Confession with my son priests to absolve my children. Respect my son priests. I have given them a special gift on the day of their Ordination to hear Confession and absolve you from all your faults, sins, in my holy name. Oh, they received all their special gifts to give many sacraments in my holy name: Marriage, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick and burying the dead in my holy name (this is all about your salvation), celebrating my Holy Mass and consecrating my Precious Body and Blood. These are all given to my son priests on their special Ordination day for your salvation.

Oh, I will be waiting for you, my precious children. You are mine. You belong to me. Do not let the enemy destroy your salvation. Listen to these, my solemn words, given to you. I, your Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all the world, I am waiting for you at this special time now of Lent. Oh, fasting pleases me very much.

Thank you my little ones, my children. I love you all.


[1] A Life in the Spirit Seminar that Fernanda was attending. Jesus is giving feedback on a talk that was given on the topic of salvation.