Come my people, come to Confession. Do not fear anything. Do not let the enemy win this warfare to gain souls

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, gifts of the Holy Spirit, God's love and mercy, God's pains, heaven, praying, spiritual warfare
Father God, Jesus Christ

My child, I, your Father God, I come here to propagate a message about tonight at the Life in the Spirit Seminar, which was very powerful and enriched my children’s souls. Oh, many of my children were so full of the Holy Spirit. My children’s Confessions were beautiful as they opened their hearts... My precious child, I have a message to convey to all of my people about Confession and what Confession is.

Father God

My people, I, your Father God, am going to explain more profoundly about the meaning of Confession and what it does to my people’s lives.

My people, my children, I, your Father, say to you that Confession is a beautiful Sacrament, entrusted from my Son Jesus, not from man. Confession is the key for your salvation. It is the salvation of your soul when you come to eternal life. My children, Confession is the most beautiful Sacrament to cleanse your soul, your spirit, and to bring new life to your soul. It is the most consecutive Sacrament that my children should obey and respect. It is the saviour of your soul. It purifies, cleanses and brings you closer to my Son’s heart, to his kingdom. Confession is a purifying Sacrament so that after you have been to confess all of your sins with a contrite heart, you can receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood worthy of him.

When people never come to Confession it is because of fear of rejection or embarrassment of confessing their sins. My children, know that when you come into the Confession box with my son priests, you are sitting in front of my Son Jesus’ Holy Face. He is present in every Confession to absolve all of your sins. My Son Jesus Christ hears every word in the confessional. His joy is to hear all of your sins and with repentance in your contrite heart. Do not hide any of your sins because my Son Jesus Christ listens to you; he knows your heart and what you are thinking at that precise moment; he is invisible to all of you but he sees you. He answers your questions through my son priests. The Holy Spirit is within them and they answer all of your questions and doubts.

Know that when my son priests bless you and ask you to say the Act of Contrition and bless you with the Sign of the Cross, know my children that it is my Son Jesus who, in that moment, is absolving you from all of your sins – even the most scarlet sins of your entire life. My Son, he is so merciful – he absolves you from all those horrendous sins, he embraces you and he caresses you when you come to that confessional. He then says to you, “Thank you. Thank you my child, I love you. Thank you for this sincere, honest, humble confession.” These are my Son’s solemn words to his precious children.

Come my people, come to Confession. Do not fear anything. Do not let the enemy win this warfare to gain souls because my Son’s aim is to see you all sitting next to him in his kingdom.

My people, respect all of my son priests. Pray intensely for them. They need your intense prayers because they are human with a humanly body. The enemy is always waiting for an opportunity to enter, to destroy my son priests and everything that belongs to my Son: the church, temples, cardinals, bishops and our holy pope. They are all under heavy attack from the adversary and only your prayers can combat this warfare.

Oh, Mother Mary, she always pleas to all of her children to pray, pray the Rosary and pray as a family. The Hail Mary is the strongest weapon against the enemy. Pray for my son priests. Do not criticise them. My Son Jesus is their judge and the judge of all of you. Know that my Son Jesus has given a special authority to our priests, a unique blessing upon our priests on the day of their Ordination to hear Confession and to absolve all of you from your sins in his holy name. Oh, my people, do not ask, “Why must I confess my sins to a man?” Oh, they are special children with special gifts entrusted to them to help you to be free of sin, to come to my Son’s Holy Mass, to receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood, worthy of my Son Jesus.

Oh, my Son’s pains... it is unbearable to see him enter my people’s hearts who are unworthy of him. It’s like piercing my Jesus again with a crown of thorns because my Son Jesus knows each one of you who approach to receive him. He already knows how your heart is. He knows you are going to pierce him with pain.

Come my precious children, I, your Father and my Son, we are not judging you when you come to Confession, nor are my son priests. We want you to be saved, to join us one day in the glory of heaven. Oh my Son’s kingdom is beautiful – do not let go of this beautiful, unique paradise.

I, your Father God, I am here in love to all of you; to say come to my Son’s heart. He is waiting for you in that Confession box. It is my Son’s gifts, God’s gifts of love to all of you, for this seminar and for all eternity.

I came to relay to you my people this, God’s gift, through my humble servant, my Son’s messenger.

Jesus Christ

My Petal, my Father gave you a beautiful message about Confession. I, your Jesus, want you to relay this message to all of my children, especially at this seminar, about what God’s gifts are. God’s gifts are love, unity, peace and understanding to all of my children all over this world. My gifts to all my children are for them to receive me worthy of my love, not to neglect me, to come to my heart and surrender completely to me. I have placed many gifts on all of my children but the most important ones are the ones that I mention. God’s gift is for them to forgive one another, that’s the most important gift, and to love one another, especially at this time of Lent. God gave them all of these gifts, but they don’t practise them, they don’t honour them in their lives and they keep them closed in their drawers.

I, your Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my Father – the Triune God – have given them all of these gifts but my children abuse these gifts from God. Oh my Petal, it hurts us in heaven to see this disdain and forgetfulness towards God’s gifts. Relay at this seminar to love, respect, honour and praise God for all of God’s gifts given to all of you with such a caring and loving heart, the heart of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit upon them all. Amen.

Thank you my humble servant. Oh, it was wonderful to see many of my children coming to Confession with a contrite heart. Oh, many of them had not been to Confession for many long years. See, my Petal, I, your Jesus, I was waiting patiently for my sheep, my scattered flock to come back to me, to my home. Oh, I recollected them in my arms with so much joy. I embraced them tenderly. Oh, I had tears of joy in my eyes, so did my Mother Mary for this special wonderful night of reconciliation with me, your Jesus Christ, their Saviour.