Prayers to alleviate Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart from blasphemies against her

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Mother Mary

Thank you, my daughter, for sitting with me, your Mother Mary. My little Andorinha [1], thank you for waking up and conversing with me [2]. You are my little one with so much love to bestow on my aching heart. My child, I am here to say that my Immaculate Heart of Mary is being blasphemed with sacrileges. My Immaculate Heart has been in so much pain because of the blasphemy placed on my heart. Do you know, my child, what kind of blasphemy has been upon me? Oh, I am too embarrassed to mention these sins. But my child, I, your Mother Mary, I am here in confidence with you. I say at this moment that I am in so much pain. Pray as much as possible for my pains because my children blaspheme my heart, my purity, my name, my virginity, with sacrileges of the most disgusting names on my virginity and my dignity as the Mother of the Saviour of the world. Oh, they don’t believe that I exist, that I was born without sin, that I was a virgin and I am a virgin. They say I was an adulterer, that I was a peasant, the sinner of sinners, that I never was the Mother of Jesus. How could my Son Jesus be born without a mother? I was chosen by our Father to be the Mother of the Saviour. Oh, they don’t respect my holy name. They intercede to evil worshippers to blaspheme my holy name, to do acts of indecency upon me, on my virginity. Oh, it’s horrendous to see, to watch, all of this in front of my Son Jesus, our Father and the Holy Spirit. Oh, it’s painful, my Immaculate Heart’s “Chama de Amor” (Flame of Love) is in so much pain. Pray for this intention. I am going to give you a prayer request for my Immaculate Heart’s Flame of Love. The prayer is recited in this manner...

My Father God, my Jesus Christ, my Holy Trinity, Triune God, I, your child ________ [3], I am here humbly on my knees, to pray to my Holy Triune God, my Santíssima Trindade [4], I ask pardon for all of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, your children whom you created with so much love and to whom the Holy Spirit gave the Breath of Life. I am here in proxy for my Beloved Mother’s Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Flame of Love, Chama de Amor, to appease her heart, which is in pain with so many blasphemies against her name, her Immaculate Heart. I am here to alleviate her heart. In my Jesus’ holy name, I ask pardon, my Father, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit for all your children who commit this atrocity of sins on my dear Mother Mary’s holy name, who perforate her Immaculate Heart with acts of indecency in front of my Jesus Christ, our Father and the Holy Spirit.

I ask my Jesus to teach me how to pray more profoundly about my Mother Mary’s pains. I ask my Jesus to come with me in my prayer, to send me your angels, St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael the archangels and the nine choirs of angels, the powers, and your saints, the forgotten saints, to pray with me at this time on my knees to alleviate my Mother’s Immaculate Heart with the Flame of Love upon her pierced heart. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, three Hail Marys, one Glory Be, then say...

My Triune God, alleviate our Mother Mary’s pierced heart. I ask forgiveness for the sinners who blaspheme my dear Mother’s name. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Dear loving Mother Mary, I appease your Immaculate Heart with the Flame of your Love. Amen.

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, my little Andorinha, for being here with me to alleviate my aching pierced heart. Say these words constantly. Pray this in the silence of your heart when the time permits...

My dear Immaculate Heart of Mary, being blasphemed, I come to appease your pains through the Flame of your Love. Amen.

My Immaculate Heart of Mary, through the Flame of your Love, I ask pardon and forgiveness from our Father and your Son Jesus for the ones who blaspheme your heart, your virginity, your name. Amen.

Mother, Immaculate Heart of Mary, through the Flame of your Love, have compassion on your persecutors. Save them. Amen.

My child, thank you. Say these prayers without ceasing. I, your Mother Mary, the Flame of Love to all my children, I say thank you for appeasing my heart with your love. I bless you abundantly and your loved ones and all my children. Thank you for responding to my call.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[2] The time was 02h45.

[3] The original words were “I, your humble servant Fernanda”.

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Holy Trinity