Lent and Holy Week message: sacrifices help alleviate Jesus’ aching heart

Themes: apostolic times, Confession and repentance, fasting, forgiveness, God's pains, loving God, loving others
Father God, Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Oh, my dear ones let go of the past, as today is holy Good Friday. I have given up my Body and Blood for each one of you.

My child, today, my children came to me. Some of them fasted, prayed and let go of their inequities and sins, but some of them never let go of their past sins when they are confessing in front of my son priests. Oh, my dear children, do not fear Confession – it is the most beautiful gift. My child, there is nothing in my children’s hearts that I cannot see. Today was the end of Lent, where many of my children made sacrifices and gave up something for me. Their fasting was very pleasing to me, their Jesus Christ.

I thank my children for all their sacrifices for me, for my honour and glory, to glorify my name. When my children fast, it is a very beautiful gift of giving their self-will to me. I desire that my children continue to make sacrifices for me. They must not stop here. When Lent is over, I desire that my children carry on doing their good deeds on a day-by-day basis. They must, for example, be good to their neighbour, forgive and love one another. There are so many things that my children can help me to do in alleviating my aching heart. This is also food for thought, for their souls.

I thank each one of you, my children. My Father God is here to continue our conversation.

Father God

My little one, I, your Father, I convey this message for you to convey to the world.

My dear people, today marks another year, another epoch in my people’s lives. Again, the passion of Jesus Christ – oh, all of you, my people, you will never understand my Son Jesus Christ’s sufferings during these forty days. This Holy Week, which is from Holy Monday to Good Friday, my dear people: the pains, the excruciating, horrific pains that the world will never comprehend... Holy Week was the beginning of the pain and suffering but the bodily harm was from Holy Thursday, which was the beginning of my Son Jesus’ passion. On Good Friday, they did the most indecent things against my Son: they humiliated him with foul language, they scourged him, they tied him like a thief, punished him for a crime he never committed, falsely accused him in many ways, they took away his dignity by taking off his clothes and they massacred his body.

What they did to my Son is too painful for some of you, and you will never understand my Son’s fifteen secret pains that my people never knew of. Very few are aware of the extent of these secret pains. You do know, my Petal, the severity of these secret pains. I, your Father, I was waiting for some of you to come and meditate on my Son Jesus of Nazareth’s passion. There are many horrific ways to describe it. One day, I will allow you to you to witness my Son Jesus’ passion for you to transmit to my people.

My dear people, stop your sinful lives. It is time to come back to my Son Jesus. Your time is limited in this world. Take this opportunity, absorb it: do not waste time and energy on things of this world. My people, I, your Father, I want you to receive this fraternity of love, this mercy, for free.

I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all my people all over the world. Amen.

Jesus Christ

Thank you my child for relaying this message – do not keep it to yourself. My people must look upon the cross – then they will see how much love they will receive.