Holy Saturday message: if you love me, obey my commandments and I will give you abundance in eternal life

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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you my daughter Fernanda for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus, I am here with you. I come at this hour earlier than usual. Today, we are conversing about my death and resurrection.

My child, my death on Good Friday has been celebrated all over the world, where at this time of Lent, many of my children alleviated my Sacred Heart which has been pierced because of the sins of this world. My Father God allowed me to be born through my Mother Mary, a pure virgin of Nazareth, with the power of the Holy Spirit. I was born without original sin − a mystery that many of my children doubt. Yes, the mystery of God belongs only to God. With Father God nothing is impossible, and the Holy Spirit and me your Jesus Christ – the Triune God.

My Father God allowed me to go through excruciating, horrific pains, carrying a heavy cross of all of my children’s sins in my passion through Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. Besides the forty days of fasting and praying, I saw exactly what I was going to go through on Via Dolorosa: carrying the cross, the scourging at the pillar, the crowning of thorns and the crucifixion upon the cross. I knew what I, your Jesus Christ was going to suffer, yet I accepted it with love for each one of my children. Oh, the fifteen secret pains that I underwent is far beyond my children’s comprehension. They will never know the extent of my pains. The nailing upon the cross – I had to hold myself to not to be asphyxiated. Oh, this is love: for each one of you. I accepted all of this, to pay the price of all of your sins, for your salvation.

Today my children think that I do not suffer anymore? No, my children, I have a pierced heart with a crown of thorns because of the sins of this world being committed every second of the day. I paid the price of your sins with my death but it does not mean that my children can sin every minute or second of the day and that I will not punish them. My children, I paid the price for your sins but you, my children, must stop your sinful lives.

Oh, they can kill, doing abortions and committing horrendous crimes without punishment? In this world, if they commit crimes or other sins in their lives, they are brought to a tribunal for judgement. So in heaven, all are also going to be judged by my Father God and me their Jesus Christ. The meaning of my death is not for them to continue in the world doing wrong because I paid with my death for their sins. Yes, my children are human, committing crimes, going on a rampage of sins. I came for the sinners to save them to come to eternal life when their time on earth is accomplished. My teachings upon the cross were: “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing” but how many of my children do not forgive on earth and then come to eternal life, standing in front of my Father and me, asking us to forgive them but they did not forgive their enemies, families or brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ? And the other horrendous crimes they committed? I ask them at all times to repent, repent of their sinful lives: Confession, Holy Mass and receiving my Body and Blood worthy of me. They must repent every day because they do not know the hour of their last day on earth. Tomorrow it might be too late and then my children come to face God, to be forgiven, without being in a state of grace.

My children must know that I came to this world and I died for the love of them. I repeat: my death was for their salvation but my children cannot carry on living a most horrendous, sinful life and then think that I paid the price upon the cross and they can do what they want without facing any consequences of their crimes or their sins. My teachings have always been the same: I accepted to carry the cross for their salvation and then my children must repent and be saved.

My children think I do not suffer anymore after my death. Oh my children, my pierced heart is like having a crown of thorns, worse than the one that was placed on my head during my passion when I was being scourged. If only my children would see my pains that I still endure because of the atrocities of their sins. Only a few of my devoted children alleviate my pains with their love for me and my Mother. Oh, I desire my children to amend their ways of life, to stop committing atrocities in their sinful daily lives. Oh, my aching heart.

My child, I lay in the tomb today. Tomorrow, Sunday after the third day, I will come alive. I will rise from the dead to bring a new life, a new beginning for my children’s salvation. I thank each one of my children who during my forty days of Lent fasted or sacrificed in some way, prayed and repented of their sins. Many of them made these sacrifices with pure, sincere love in their hearts for the love of me, their Jesus Christ. Continue my dear children to persevere in keeping yourselves without sin as much as before. Amend your sins after all of these forty days that you have been with me on this journey. The purpose was for you, my children, to purify your lives, your ways of daily living, to become better children of your Jesus Christ. Do not let the enemy lure you again into sinning and committing more sins.

If you love me, your Jesus, obey my commandments. I will give you abundance in eternal life. My Father’s house is huge: he is waiting for each one of you to be seated at the Banquet of the Lamb. Do not let my death be in vain. I love you all my children. Love your God, your Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart.

I, your Jesus Christ, I give you my peace, my peace I give you, to each one of you and this entire world. I come to relay this message through my humble servant, my messenger.

[Fernanda] Thank you my adorable Jesus Christ. Thank you for your sacrifice of so much pain to save us all. I ask forgiveness for the ones who do not appreciate the gift of yourself of so much pain, to save us, your ungrateful children. Lord Jesus Christ forgive them. Through your Precious Blood, save them all.

Thank you my daughter Fernanda for your time spent here with me, your Jesus Christ.

Father God

My daughter, I, your Father, I am here with you, so is Mother Mary. My little Petal, my meek lamb, I do know your heart. Soon, you will have to go to my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass on this Holy Saturday. Thank you for going to Mass earlier on. You are going now for the next Mass before midnight. I will be waiting for you when you come from the Holy Mass. I, your Father, I allow you to go now, to do your duties, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at this my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass. It does please us in heaven.

My little lamb, I know the sacrifice that you have been through in helping my people in prayer, the extra hours, the giving of your time without rest, with your heart entwined in doing my Son Jesus Christ’s holy work. Oh, my Son Jesus, he will give you strength to carry on with his work. I bless you, I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and to all my people. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving, unique Father God. I love you. Sua bênção [1].

Jesus Christ

My child, my Blessed Mother, she is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My little Andorinha [2], Fernanda, I, your Mother Mary, I come to say thank you for being obedient to us in heaven, for your time given to sit and converse with us. Oh my child, sometimes you cannot even open your eyes sitting with an open book and a pen to converse with us. Instead of sleeping and resting you give your time and yourself entirely to us in heaven.

My little one, I your Mother, I have a message to convey for my children, but as our Father mentioned about your time to come to my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass on this Holy Saturday at 23h00 to pray the Divine Mercy with my children Alice and Cheryl – my Son Jesus’ Divine Mercy Apostles. I bless you, you loved ones and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call. We shall conclude our conversation later. My Son Jesus’ Holy Mass is very powerful, he is alive there in each Holy Mass celebrated all over the world. Many of my children ignore this gift of my Son Jesus to his children. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Blessed Mother. I love you. Sua bênção.

Jesus Christ

I your Jesus, I bless you, your loved ones and all my children. Amen. I give you my peace, my peace I give you to this entire world. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow