Prayer request to St Peter to save the Holy Church in decay

Father God

My little meek lamb, I, your Father, I was so relieved about my son priest being released of the hidden sins that were committed during this time of being hidden, in the dark. Oh, we do not want our son priests to be criticised, but instead, we want prayers for them to stop these kinds of sin against heaven. They are in need of prayers upon them to save them from deeper sins.

I, your Father, I come to you and ask you to pray as much as possible in your time, because many more will come to the light − what has been hidden in the dark of this dark age of my Son Jesus’ Church. Only with fervent prayers can my Son Jesus’ Church survive this crisis of mediocrity, the perfidious lies that come upon them through the sinful evil trick-doers to destroy my Son’s desired Church. Holy Masses are needed and can be celebrated only through my son priests. Without my son priests, there will be no more Consecration of my Son’s Precious Body and Blood, no Holy Masses, no Holy Sacraments.

This is me, your Father God. I am here to ask you to pray, pray, pray before it is too late to save the decay and destruction of my son priests, the Church that my Son Jesus entrusted to St Peter, the Rock of the Church, where in the beginning times, before his resurrection, he instructed St Peter, “Peter, you are the Rock of my Church, on you I build this Church,” as in my Son’s Holy Word [1].

I, your Father God, I am going to give you this prayer request to pray for my Son Jesus’ Church, through the intercession of St Peter, in my Son Jesus’ holy name. The prayer is prayed in this way...

My Almighty Father God, my living Jesus Christ, my living Holy Spirit, living and abiding in me constantly; I come to ask a unique, special prayer request through the intercession of St Peter the Rock of the Holy Church.

My glorious St Peter, you have been entrusted to be the Rock of the Church through our Lord Jesus Christ’s desire, to take care of the Church, to build a strong Church to be the salvation of your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. St Peter, I, Jesus’ child ________ [2], I am here to pray with you and to ask all the angels, saints and forgotten saints of heaven to intercede for the Holy Church of this entire world − in decay, in need of help, restoration and reparation − to not fall deeper into sin; for our priests, bishops, cardinals, holy pope, all the clergy and lay people serving Jesus’ Church.

Mother Mary, come with your Divine Mantle with St Peter to save your Son’s Church, his priests and all who serve your Son’s Church, for them to be united, humble, honest, faithful and trustworthy servants of your Son Jesus’ Holy Church. I ask this through the Precious Blood of Jesus that was shed on Golgotha to save all of your children. Amen.

Pray one Glory Be, one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

St Peter, with all the saints, angels, archangels of heaven, come save the Church that Jesus entrusted to you. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

St Peter, Mother Mary, save your Church, save all of your priests from falling into the trap of the enemy. Amen.

Thank you, my little flower, my little Rose, my little lamb, my little Petal, humble servant Fernanda. Pray this prayer to heaven to help my Son Jesus’ Church to come to the light, to come and help our people and rescue them from falling astray from Jesus Christ’s Holy Church. Amen. This prayer is called “Prayer request to St Peter to save the Holy Church in decay”. Amen.

My little tender lamb, make copies, give them to my people and teach them this strong prayer to heaven to save the decaying, chaotic Church. Amen.


[1] See John 1:42 where Jesus changed Simon’s name to Cephas, which means “Rock” in Aramaic. Jesus spoke Aramaic, which is also confirmed in Matthew 27:46 where he called out, “Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani,” on the cross. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus was referring to building his Church on Peter, Cephas, the Rock, not a physical rock as some have incorrectly assumed. The confusion has arisen because of the differing grammatical structures of the various translations into different languages.

[2] The original words were “I, your (my) Jesus’ humble servant Fernanda”.