Mother of Perpetual Help prayer in times of affliction

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Mother Mary

Today there is so much pompa [1], rejoicing in heaven − the celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Our Lady of Perpetual Help feast day, 27 June 2014. I am the Mother of my children in despair of anything, any affliction, any sickness, any kind of need of help. It is my desire to help many of my children.

Thank you for the novenas. I have heard each one of them. They penetrated my heart. I received them. Know, there is nothing that you ask me that I cannot obtain if it is according to my Son Jesus’ holy will. My little Andorinha [2], everything in life is a lesson from above, from heaven, to learn to walk closer to my Son Jesus’ heart.

My child, I am the Mother of Perpetual Help − what a name in heaven! There are so many children who need to know more profoundly about the Mother of Perpetual Help. My child Fernanda, I am your Mother Mary, Mother of Lourdes, Guadalupe, Fatima, Knock and many more titles, but I am only one Mother, the Mother of Jesus and all of you, my children.

My child, thank you for the novena ...private message removed...

My Son Jesus is so joyous because you are coming closer to his heart, to your task of serving my Son Jesus. I, your Mother of Perpetual Help, I will be your refuge. Do not fear, my daughter Fernanda. I am your dear Mother of Perpetual Help. My daughter, remember and keep these words in your heart and recite them:

Mother, help me in my time of need. Save me. Save all of your children. Amen.

Pray this prayer without ceasing. I am your Mother of Perpetual Help. Write these words...

Mother of Perpetual Help, save me.
Mother of Perpetual Help, save all your children.
Mother of Perpetual Help, have pity on the souls of purgatory and the most abandoned ones.
Mother of Perpetual Help, rescue me from any dangers.
Mother of Perpetual Help, assist me in my agonies.
Mother of Perpetual Help ...insert petition..., hear my prayer request. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary. Amen.

This is a short prayer request. It is called “Mother of Perpetual Help prayer in times of affliction”. I bless you, my child, and all my children. Amen. Thank you for responding to my call.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: splendorous celebration

[2] Translation from Portuguese to English: Swallow