Prayer of guidance for Jesus’ servants

Father God

Jesus Christ in front of me.
Jesus Christ beside me.
Jesus Christ in my head.
Jesus Christ in my heart.
Jesus Christ in my feet to walk with me.
Jesus Christ holding my hand. 
Jesus Christ protecting me.
Jesus Christ’s Precious Blood inebriating me.
Jesus Christ, wash me from my sin with your Precious Blood.
Jesus Christ, I surrender my worries to you.
Jesus Christ guiding me.
Jesus Christ, I am here to serve you.
Jesus Christ, my will is yours.
Jesus Christ, my strength is in you for my work, my task, to serve you for all eternity. Amen. 

My child, this is a prayer for you to pray every day in as much time of the day as you can. It’s called, “Prayer for my Jesus to guide me”. My child, I, your Father God, I give you this prayer request for you to pray for your protection against the enemy’s evil tricks. He prowls the world to take many souls, many of my Son Jesus’ servants, to distract them from their work of saving sinners. His aim is to decay this world.