Holy Spirit prayer for guidance in times of need

Holy Spirit

Yes, I am with all of my children since they were conceived. I am their Breath of Life at every instant of their lives. I am the truth, the light, the guidance of each one of them, but my people, they forget about me. They never invoke me. They never call upon me to ask me for help. I am their daily breath. Without me, there is no life.

My little flower, I have seen how you have been helping these, my people, to see the truth in this particular situation. Persevere, as my Son Jesus does with his children, in prayer. My little flower, my Rose, I, the Holy Spirit, I say thank you for the lovely prayer that you gave to my daughter ________. I will help her to see the truth. I will bring to her what has been hidden in the dark to the light. I, the Holy Spirit, I will give you another prayer to pray on occasions like this one. Use the other prayer as well – I am pleased as you recited it to her. It is prayed in this way...

My Holy Spirit, my Breath of Life since I was created, I ask you, my Holy Spirit, to guide me, to teach me, to show the truth about ...this situation, this person or petition...

I ask you, my sweet Holy Spirit, to be with me in every instant of my life. I ask my Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see what is hidden in the dark and bring this cause into the light. I thank you, my Holy Spirit, for being my guidance and my teacher upon this situation. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, one Glory Be, then say...

In honour of the Holy Trinity. Amen.