Father God explaining Jesus’ sacrifice in Mass and conduct that hurts him when attending

Themes: Communion, forgiveness, God's pains, Holy Mass, loving God, Mother Mary's pains, praying, sins of the world, the Church
God the Father

My child Fernanda, my heart aches to see my people coming to my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass with no respect, not comprehending the meaning of his holy sacrifice in the Mass. Yes my child, there is so much happening during my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass. Oh, if only my people would see and understand the value and the content of his Holy Mass. My little, tender lamb of your Father God, I came at this hour to convey my desire to you about my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass.

My people whom I created with so much love, each one of you is unique here in heaven. We do see all on earth, in this world, and in each of my children’s hearts, minds and souls. My Son Jesus’ holy sacrifice of the Mass is said throughout the world, every second of the day. Oh, it pleases us very much in heaven to see my people attending but nowadays, my people come to my Son’s Holy Mass with no respect, no love, not appreciating my Son’s sacrifice in Mass.

My Son Jesus waits patiently for each one of you to come and enter the church. Oh, my Son is so joyous to see his children coming, but sometimes my people, most of them, enter very late. My children are supposed to enter the church at least ten minutes before Holy Mass starts. Oh, then they come late. It is very saddening to my Son Jesus’ heart when his children arrive late, after the readings or as the readings are taking place – the most important part to assist – my Son’s Holy Words as the Apostles left in the Holy Bible.

My people must be at Mass, as I said, ten minutes earlier, to pray, to say thank you to my Son Jesus for the graces and blessings obtained, and to absorb the content of the Holy Mass.

Then, as my people enter the church, they look around to see who is in the church before greeting my Son Jesus. Oh, their hearts and minds are not there in concentration to listen to the readings and the Gospel, which is the Word of God. My people sit with their arms and legs crossed, relaxing like they are at home or at an enjoyment place. Know, my people, that my Son Jesus is at the altar as the Mass is starting. So am I, your Father God, and the Holy Spirit because we are the Three-in-One Persons Inseparable. Mother Mary is also present at all times, praying and interceding for each one of you. Know, where the Son is, there is the Mother and vice versa. Oh, it saddens Mother Mary. At that moment, she pleads to her Son Jesus to forgive his children for all of their distractions, for ignoring her Son Jesus at that special, unique time of giving himself to each one of you.

Oh, my people look at their watches if the homily is taking too long! My Son asks for just one hour from you to dedicate totally to him, to offer your hearts, your love, your time, this special time, to him. Oh, my people start getting impatient, wanting the Mass to end, but my Son gives all of his time to each one of you.

At the time of Consecration, oh, what a special present: my Son gives himself totally to you. At this special time, the host, which my people call a wafer: yes, it’s a wafer but the moment my son priest consecrates the host and wine, it becomes my Son Jesus’ flesh, his Body and Blood. It is his Precious Body and Blood. At that precise moment, as the Body and Blood are elevated by my son priests, my people, you must look up to my Son Jesus with appreciation and gratitude, and thank him for this unique grace and blessing upon you all. Pray my people at that moment, asking anything from my Son Jesus with all your heart − it is a time of many graces. Also, at that moment, ask your guardian angel to present your petitions to my Son Jesus. Oh, the angels, they surround my Son Jesus’ Precious Body and Blood in every Holy Mass − it is a multitude of angels on my Son’s altar, above and all over the church. Oh, it’s so beautiful to see their gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving towards my Son Jesus. Oh, your guardian angels, they are so pleased to bring your petitions at that moment to my Son Jesus. Oh, your guardian angels, they are sad when they come to the altar at that moment without anything in their hands from you.

At the time of praying the Our Father, oh, my people pray but are not concentrating on my holy words. Many of them pray, saying, ‘Forgive us our sins,’ oh, but how many of them are praying and not forgiving their enemies, their families and friends who hurt them? And never forgiving each others’ mistakes and errors? My children must understand the meaning, the content of the Our Father prayer. My people, at that precise moment, my Son Jesus’ heart saddens to see how many of them are praying this prayer with so much hatred and unforgiveness in their hearts.

My people, as you come to this special celebration of the Holy Mass, come to Confession and ask for forgiveness with a contrite heart to receive my Son Jesus worthy of him. When it is time to come to Holy Communion, oh, my people, they come out of their benches like they are going to a gathering with friends, looking around, waving and greeting one another, oh, most of the time dressed indecently and inappropriately for Holy Mass. My children, come dressed to church knowing that you are coming to a feast of the Lamb of God − a great feast to receive Jesus’ Precious Body and Blood.

It saddens and pierces my Son Jesus’ heart when my people come to receive my Son Jesus unworthy of him. Know that before my Son Jesus enters into your heart, he knows each one of you, your state of grace and when you are not worthy to receive him. Oh, it pierces my Son Jesus’ heart to enter into my children’s hearts that are in so much sin − it is better not to receive him because my Son Jesus’ pains are unbearable.

My Son Jesus’ desire is for my people, as they come to receive him, to kneel down or genuflect and receive him in their mouths, not on their hands. Many of my children, my people, receive my Son Jesus on their hands. Oh, then they hide my Son Jesus in their hands, and take my Son’s Precious Body and hide him in some filthy place in their bodies, clothes, then they hurry up to take and use my Son Jesus for satanic work, for witchcraft, for their own use. Oh, they are using my Son Jesus’ Precious Body (which has been consecrated by my son priests) in sacrileges and blaspheming Mother Mary and her virginity in this satanic work.

Then my children come to their seats again, looking at the time to go home, not waiting for the end of Mass to finish. Oh, so much to do! No time to say thank you to my Son for this special grace of my Son Jesus giving himself to them. As my son priests come out of the church, many of my children come out of the church, hurrying to come out and have conversations with each other. My people must wait after Mass again, to thank Jesus for the gift of himself, for the graces and blessings, and then they can ask for petitions, for the most needed requests of their hearts. My Son Jesus waits at the altar for each one of his children to come out of the church.

Also, as my children enter the church, they must sit in the front as they are coming in, not at the back of the church or scattered like lost sheep. Oh, it pleases my Son Jesus to see his children being united together, not like lost sheep. Come my people, receive this request from your Father God. Come and sit with my Son Jesus in Holy Mass. My people, as you are arriving, start sitting in front and fill the gaps. My children, when you invite your guests, friends, to your home, you invite them to come right in and sit in the front, not the back of your lounge, your home.

My people, I am your Father God, I came to relay this message of my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass and the importance of coming to my Son’s Church for a big day, a big celebration. Yes, each Mass being celebrated is a big banquet to each one of you. I thank you for your time spent listening to this, my message, to all my people, my son priests and the head of the Church, through my humble servant, my Son Jesus’ messenger.

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving Father for this message to all of your people. I love you my Father.

My little one, I your Father, I give you my peace, my peace I give you and to all of my people. My little one Fernanda, relay and convey this message to your spiritual director and to the head of the Church. Do not fear persecution. This is all about my Son Jesus’ desires for his children to know and comprehend the meaning and value of his Holy Mass.