Many souls go to hell from seeking healing in the wrong places

Themes: God's pains, hell, sins of the world
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Fernanda went to pray for a family whose grandfather was seeking healing for himself and his business by going to places of witchcraft. The grandfather was bringing home items from these “healers”, which, unknown to him, were affecting the entire family, including his innocent little grandchildren. Below is an excerpt from the conversation...

Jesus Christ

Oh my child, you must pray the prayer given to you for my children who are doing witchcraft and visiting the wrong places. As in my holy Bible, I was explicitly against this kind of work: tarot cards, witchcraft... What my son ________ is doing, is against my will. Pray, pray to save his soul. The harm he has done to his loved ones is a very perfidious atrocity on the little ones and on his entire family. Pray against his addiction of gambling, too.

Mother Mary

My child Fernanda, my children are so lost, looking for answers and richness in different places − doing wrong, going against my Son Jesus’ holy will. My children are so imbibed [1] in the wrong beliefs of the enemy’s evil tricks to deviate my children from focusing on my Son Jesus. They’re supposed to focus only on my Son Jesus’ living Word. They’re looking in other directions, seeking earthly things, believing in the lies of the enemy. Oh, my children, they’re so lost without my Son Jesus’ living Word. Oh, their beliefs are a perjury for their souls. My Son Jesus gives our children his living Word, graces and blessings for free from his heart but my children pay fortunes, their daily win (bread) to destroy their souls. My child, this is happening all over the world. Many souls are going to gehenna because of these sins of seeking healing in the wrong places, instead of seeking healing and their daily bread in my Son’s love. They must trust my Son’s love. They must trust my Son Jesus’ living bread. Oh, if only my children knew how much they hurt my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart when they turn away from his true bread of life, the graces and blessings that come from heaven.


[1] This word was given in Portuguese as “embeber”, which means absorbed or imbibed