Only prayers, Rosaries and fasting can keep up Jesus’ hand

Themes: Confession and repentance, fasting, God's pains, Mother Mary's pains, praying, Rosary, sins of the world, spiritual warfare
Jesus Christ

My child, thank you for waking up and sitting with me. I am trembling and so are you. Yes my child, it is because I want to share my pain with you. My Petal, my pain... My aching heart is pierced. You are feeling my aching heart, which is in pain. You are not sick or anxious – it is a tiny seed of my pain and my Mother’s.

My child, today was a very painful, aching day. Oh, my children are going deeper and deeper into sin. It was horrible and horrific to watch all of the terrible evil sins committed. My children performed satanic evil forces into my youth. Then, some of my children, whom I created with so much love, took my Precious Body and hid me in their sinful hands. Then they sold me to be used in the most horrendous sacrileges in their satanic, diabolic work. They performed the most horrific rituals with my Precious Body. After being consecrated by my son priests, I then become body, flesh and blood to enter into my children’s hearts. Instead, they perform these sacrileges and offensive sins against my teachings. My enemy uses my weakest people (children) to hurt me and pierce my heart like a crown of thorns in my loving heart.

My dear Mother is crying at this moment. She is pleading to me for more time for the world. She is waiting for you to help us in your mission to spread and expand this message to the world because only tears of blood are coming out of my dear Mother’s heart (eyes). My pain is more deeply reinforced seeing my Blessed Mother in so much pain for me. She knows how much longer I can endure more pain and for how long I can keep up my hand. Yes, my Petal, there is so much happening all over the world.

In combating the enemy, the adversary, only prayers can save and help my hand to be up high. It is very difficult to keep up my hand. Only if my children repent and amend their sins, then I can help my people. Yes, I love my children unconditionally but how much love, repentance and remorse do my children show in their hearts in compassion towards my pain? Only prayers, Rosaries and fasting can conquer these pains and warfare between my children and the enemy. My daughter, do not hesitate to relay this to my children.

[Fernanda] Oh my Jesus, I want to. Please help as to where I must say it and where I must go. You know my Jesus, if it was somebody else, they would have listened but when it’s me, some of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ do not pay attention because they do not want to acknowledge that I am relaying this message from Jesus. My Jesus knows well that if it’s them, then it’s a big glory for them but sometimes, because of jealousy and enviousness, they don’t want to listen. Sorry my Jesus that I opened my heart to my Jesus in this way. I love you, I don't want to offend you. 

My child, I know, I understand exactly what you are saying. Soon, the time will come that you are going to be able to open your heart and relay my messages in my holy name with no one stopping you.

[Fernanda] Oh my Jesus, it is all about you, my God, my Jesus. All glory and honour be to you always. My Lord, my King, my Spouse, I love you. My heart belongs to my Jesus.

Thank you My Petal, my Andorinha [1]. I love you. Thank you for this special time spent with me. Thank you for alleviating my pain, my aching heart.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow