Only prayers will stop ISIS from destroying this world - Jesus’ hand will soon come down

Themes: end times, forgiveness, God's pains, God's wrath, Mother Mary's pains, praying, prophecy, Rosary, Second Coming, sins of the world
Father God, Mother Mary

Father God

Thank you my daughter Fernanda. Today, my little one, the road was rough with many obstacles that my people put in their lives as the malice of this world continues to destroy many good souls that could have been saved but they choose to walk on the dark path in their lives, turning into the rough side of the road. I, your Father, I see my people turn in the wrong direction. I try to show them the bright side of the road but they carry on on their own journey of their lives, yet my Son Jesus brings light into this world. My Son Jesus is the light of all of his children but my people switch off that light. Oh, they prefer to walk on the dark side of the road.

The battle is like warfare. My Son’s pains continue every second of the day. My people, with all of this malice, atrocity of killings and wars, are causing so much damage in this entire world. Oh my Petal, I your Father God, I am just waiting for my Son Jesus Christ to give a sign. His hand is getting heavier day by day. The crimes, the countless killings, oh, there is so much pain caused by these groups that perform wars. ISIS is destroying this world. Oh, they are hiding in secret places, they enter through many false pretences, causing the worst chaos and chaotic destruction in many parts of the world.

Oh, my people, pray, pray for this world. I am your Father God, relaying this message and asking my people to turn to my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart and to pray to stop these groups with all of your hearts. My people, I need your prayers to combat these evil doers upon this world, to stop these horrendous crimes.

My people, I thank you for your time to absorb these, my solemn words. I am your loving Father God, a Father who loves all of his children, his people, with an unconditional love. Amen. I bless you all with my peace, my peace upon this whole world. Amen.

My child, my blessed Mother is here to converse with you.

Mother Mary

I am the Mother of all of my children and the Mother of your Saviour. My dear children, I your Mother, I cry Tears of Blood constantly as I intercede to my Son Jesus for each one of you. Oh, the non-believers, the sinners, the lukewarm souls, the tepid ones: they are causing my Immaculate Heart to be in constant sorrow. I see this world is in so much turmoil, so much destruction, that my Tears of Blood are uncontrollable. I shed all of these tears knowing that my Son Jesus’ hand will soon come down from heaven to earth. I ask, I plea to my Son Jesus to give my children more time, for my children to come on their knees and amend their sinful lives. Oh, my Immaculate Heart is hurting. If only my children would compensate by at least praying a Rosary for this world and for their families who never pray. When they pray the Rosary with their hearts for these causes, it helps me to alleviate the hurt caused by all of these sinners.

Come my little ones. I love you dearly. Pray. Turn your lives of malice, anger, unforgiveness, hatred and vengeance against one another. I ask you again: pray the Rosary. My Tears of Blood will be appeased by your gesture of love towards me, your Mother Mary. I bless you all with my Virginal Mantle. I will protect you against the enemy’s attacks. Amen. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.