Prayer to stop the cult of ISIS from transgressing in the world

Father God

The strategies of this ISIS cult are very dangerous. They are so sly in coming like a fox to destroy, causing wars and demolishing cities with the power of evil. They are very dangerous. We, the Triune God, will give you another urgent prayer to pray for this cult of ISIS. It is prayed in this way...

My Triune God, you are the Three-In-One Inseparable. I ask my Triune God to come and safeguard these, your innocent children, to not fall prey to these attacks of the enemy, causing damage, wars, bombing the innocent, killing them at random. I ask this prayer from the bottom of my heart to stop, with the power of the Holy Trinity, this cult of ISIS.

Mother Mary, be a shield with your Virginal Mantle upon your children. St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael archangels, the powers, the cherubim, the seven troops of angels of heaven, combat this ISIS cult. I invite the saints of heaven to help on this war, the bomb attacks.

Pray the Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Marys, one Glory Be, then say...

In honour of the Holy Trinity. Save your children from the cult of ISIS.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mother Mary, pray to stop this cult of ISIS. Amen. In Jesus’ holy name, save your children. Amen.

My child, pray this prayer to stop the spread of ISIS in our country and all over the world.