A message to the world on Jesus’ crucifixion and the importance of repenting because many souls are being lost to hell

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Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus, I am here at this hour of the day to converse with you. I am here to convey a message to all of my children all over the world.

My dear children, I, your Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born from the power of the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary, born to come to save you all, my children. My Father God is the creator of heaven and earth and all of my children. At this moment my Father cannot prolong this kind of atrocity and calamity for too long towards me, his Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, whom he allowed to be born, to save you all. But you, my children, do not see my Father’s sacrifice. He permitted me, his Son Jesus, at thirty-three years of age to be scourged and sacrificed with a crown of thorns, carrying a cross towards Calvary – a cross of your salvation.

I went to a prison for a crime I never committed. My Sacred Face was spat on. They put me through the most horrendous derision “escarnios”. They mocked me with a crown of thorns “espinhos” and reed in my hands. They laughed at me with the crown of thorns, calling to me, “If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself.” They made me sit on a chair full of nails. They put the most disgusting things in my mouth – too horrible to describe.

Oh, I went through the most excruciating pains that you, all my children, will never know or understand − the price that I paid to save you all. I was nailed to a cross with the hugest nails through my hands and feet, my own flesh, through the wooden cross. Oh, it was too painful for my Beloved Mother, following me all the way and seeing me, her Beloved Son, die on the cross with my feet and my hands hanging on that wooden cross. I was in so much pain but, oh, my pain was too unbearable in seeing my Beloved Mother’s sorrows, her pain and suffering...

My precious, dear children, I went through this. I knew and saw all of these pains in front of me when I was at the Mount of Olives for forty days and forty nights. The evil came to tempt me, with so much to offer me, so as to not save you. But I rebuked him and I went ahead with my pains, sufferings and crucifixion.

My dear children, I allowed myself into all this because my aim, my purpose, was to save you from hell, to save you from gehenna for eternity. I want to see you all, my children, in my kingdom of heaven, seated at the banquet of heaven. This is my eternal, unconditional love that I have for each one of you, I mean each one of you − I do not have favourites. When I was carrying my cross, oh, I could not carry it anymore but I looked at you, my children, oh, it then gave me the courage to carry it until the end. This is my love for all of you. Do not ignore this, my sacrifice, for you.

I love you all, my dear children. At this moment my Father’s wrath is very painful towards you, my children, because you, my little ones, you do not see how much my Father also suffered at those precise moments of my crucifixion. My Father’s pains were also unbearable because he allowed me, his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to go through with it to save you. But now his wrath cannot be contained for too long because you, my precious children, cause me, his Son, Jesus Christ, these horrendous pains: sins and crimes of enviousness, malicious bodily harm against one another, never forgiving one another, coming to eternity with so many sins on your souls. Oh, many are going to hell in eternity, in damnation of sins, never having confessed, never having repented and never coming to know me, his Son Jesus. Oh, there is so much sin in this chaotic, dismantled world.

My God the Father is here with me to relay a message.

Father God

My people, whom I have created with so much love and to whom the Holy Spirit has given the breath of life for you to be here in this world: oh, this is a passing by because I created you all and you were conceived in your mother’s womb – I entrusted and chose your earthly parents to take care of you, to guide you in your earthly life until the day you come to eternal life forever. My dear people, you are my own flesh and blood, the Holy Triune God’s. You are my children. Yes, I love you unconditionally, so does my Son Jesus but you, my people, do not see this great love that I have for you.

My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit − we are inseparable. But I, your Father, I came to ask you: do not commit these sinful, horrendous sins that offend my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart so much. I, your Father God, cannot permit this kind of malice and perforating pains on my Son’s Sacred Heart. His side was pierced with a lance and when he had no more blood, only water gushed from his side. But you, my people, today, you pierce my Son Jesus more with a crown of thorns on his loving Sacred Heart.

My dear, precious children, I, your Father, I am a merciful compassionate Father and so is my Son Jesus. But you, my people, must come and repent, forgive one another as my Son Jesus forgave his enemies upon his cross. But you, my people, keep all the hurt, faults, errors, unforgiveness towards one another, refusing inheritance to one another.

They come to eternal life with this kind of garbage of sins on their souls and spirits, to be judged in front of me. When my Son Jesus brings them to my throne to be judged, oh, it is so painful to see my Son Jesus’ pains when we open their books and there is not much to save them to come to my Kingdom. Oh, my Son’s pains are horrific and to see his sacrifice on Calvary being in vain... If only my people would see what hell is like, to be there in damnation of sins for all eternity.

My people, yes, there is a beautiful heaven − and purgatory, which is not so severe, but my people: hell − Gehenna − exists and its pains are very horrific to endure for all eternal life. Here on earth, this is just a passing by, but in eternal life, it is forever. In purgatory you can be saved to come to heaven to my Son Jesus, our Kingdom, through Masses and prayers. Pray specifically for the souls in purgatory, especially the poor souls for whom no one prays.

I, your God the Father, I say thank you for listening to my cry to help my Son Jesus’ pierced heart, to save you all, to rejoice “regozijar” in the beautiful Kingdom of Heaven. I give you all my peace, my peace I give you and all my people all over this entire world. Pray for peace and understanding in this chaotic world. Prayers can help save many souls in my Son Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

Jesus Christ

My Beloved Mother Mary is here to convey a message.

Mother Mary

I, your Mother Mary, I am the Mother of my Son Jesus, your Saviour, the redeemer of his children’s sins. My Son Jesus came into this world. I was chosen by our Father God to be the Mother of your Saviour, who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. I was an innocent virgin called Mary. My parents were Ana and Joachim: poor, humble, simple, honest people, who now are called St Ana and St Joachim. I was brought up in fear and love of God, with good teachings, humility and humbleness. Then, our God the Father sent an angel to convey this beautiful message to me that I was going to be the Mother of the Messiah, the Saviour of the world. Oh my dear children, I did not ask many questions, I replied, “Yes,” to the angel, to my God.

Oh, the pain that I went through because I was judged and fingers were pointed that I was to bear a Son and be a Mother. Oh, my future spouse, St Joseph, was also in pain but then he was prepared to be with me, to protect me from the slander, mouths and gossips of the world in my village, Bethlehem.  But the angel again appeared to Joseph and said, “Joseph, do not be afraid. Mary, your future spouse, conceived a baby infant through the power of the Holy Spirit.” So my future, beloved spouse understood the consequences and he accepted to be the foster father of my Son Jesus, Emmanuel, Son of God. He was a faithful spouse, a chaste, pure and sincere father and spouse. He taught my Son Jesus good principles. He was a carpenter. He taught my Son Jesus all that through life. Then when my Son Jesus was thirty-three-years old, as our Father and my Son Jesus explained this to you, my children, in these previous messages: I his Beloved Mother Mary, I was with my Son, as were the women of Jerusalem, crying tears, so was Veronica, the woman on whose towel my Son imprinted his Sacred Face when she was helping my Son Jesus, who was bleeding tears and sweating blood. Oh my children, I was with my Son, next to him, praying for him to be strong, to carry his mission, his task, to save you all from all of your sins.

Oh, my pain as a Mother, seeing my only Son going through those excruciating pains, seeing my Son stripped [1] of his dignity, scourged and so much more − pains that you, my children, will never comprehend. But my children, I was there: I saw, I witnessed every drop of his blood come out of my Son Jesus. Oh, his Precious Body, that I once caressed, kissed and embraced with a Mother’s love, then seeing his flesh come out in pieces. I counted each one of his ribs. I looked, I gazed at my Son’s eyes. He looked at me and said, “Courage Mother, there is a purpose for this.” Oh, my heart, my sorrow as a Mother. I was broken inside but I knew it had to be. The reason, the purpose was to save you all, my children. Yes, I received my Son Jesus’ lifeless body in my arms. Do you comprehend my pains, my sorrow? But then, my children, to see my Son resurrected after three days, was worth all of those pains because my Son Jesus’ pains were not in vain. It was to see you all in his kingdom.

I, your Mother Mary, I am here also to plead to you all: do not hurt my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart with all of your horrendous sins anymore, repent of your sinful life, pray, pray the Rosary and come to my Son Jesus’ Holy Mass. Confession is very essential in your lives. Come receive my Son Jesus’ Precious Body and Blood worthy of him. Love one another, forgive one another and do not judge your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ – our Father and my Son Jesus, he is the judge of each one of his children. Be humble in humility of heart. Fasting is very powerful for many of your intentions. Fasting is a very powerful prayer to combat the enemy. I, your Mother, I am an intercessor in heaven for you all, my children. I stand next to my Son Jesus. I plea to my Son for each one of you. I am next to my Son in every instant, so is my Son Jesus. Oh, it hurts me so much to see my Son Jesus going through so much agony in his Sacred Heart. Today my children place a crown of thorns on my Son’s Sacred Heart, worse than the one on his Sacred Head two-thousand years ago. Come my dear children open your hearts to my Son Jesus, open the door from the inside − there is no handle outside.

My children, this is my request, my plea as a loving Mother. Love my Son Jesus with all you hearts. My Son came to save you, not to condemn you but you need to repent. My Son Jesus does not condemn your past sins, even the most horrendous sins and sinful life that you had. As long as you come to him with a contrite heart, ask for forgiveness, amend your sins and confess them saying, “I believe you are my Saviour, the redeemer of all my sins, the Son of our God the Father, our Creator.”

I, your Mother, I say thank you for spending all of this time listening to and hearing all of our messages. Oh, my Son’s aim is to save you all, my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.

Jesus Christ

My child Fernanda, I, your Jesus Christ, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary, we say thank you for this special time spent with us in heaven conversing with us. My child, I want you to relay this message of our love to my children. Soon you will be on your mission, your task. You must relay all of these messages. My time is running out for my Second Coming. I need my children to convert, to come in repentance of their sins. My children need conversions of their souls. All the angels and saints were here with us to accompany us on this special day.

I give you my peace, my peace I give to you, your loved ones and all of my children all over the world. Amen. My children, I relay this message from me your Jesus Christ, my God the Father and my Blessed Mother Mary to the entire world, through my messenger, humble servant, Fernanda, my ambassador.


[1] The original Portuguese word “despido” was replaced with “stripped”.