Don’t Host, Celebrate and Support Evil in this Chaotic World Today: Rebuke It

Charles Pritchard

In these end times, most of mankind has been deceived into celebrating evil. In our modern world, goodness and purity are looked down upon, and evil is viewed as acceptable and entertaining. This article highlights some of the evils that most people find acceptable in society today, not realising that they are hurting the Sacred Heart of Jesus and opening the door to demonic oppression in their lives [1].

Mankind has fallen prey to the father of lies

“And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” (Revelation 12:7−9)

“Confusion hath devoured the labour of our fathers from our youth, their flocks and their herds, their sons and their daughters. We shall sleep in our confusion, and our shame shall cover us, because we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers from our youth even to this day, and we have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord our God.” (Jeremiah 3:25)

Many ignore the First Commandment of God by ignorantly giving glory to evil

“For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.” (Psalm 95:5)

"I am the Lord your God: you shall not make to yourselves any idol or graven thing, neither shall you erect pillars, nor set up a remarkable stone in your land, to adore it: for I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 26:1)

“Their graven [2] things thou shalt burn with fire: thou shalt not covet the silver and gold of which they are made, neither shalt thou take to thee any thing thereof, lest thou offend, because it is an abomination to the Lord thy God. Neither shalt thou bring any thing of the idol into thy house, lest thou become an anathema, like it. Thou shalt detest it as dung, and shalt utterly abhor it as uncleanness and filth, because it is an anathema.” (Deuteronomy 7:25−26)

Where evil is given glory, evil spirits are given authority to oppress participants therein. Examples include:

  • Accepting imagery of dragons, devils, false gods, idols, witches, wizards, evil eyes, 666 symbolism and other demonically inspired imagery into ones’ surrounds, be it in your home, at events, on beverages packaging or other possessions.
  • Entertaining oneself with movies, books or events that glorify evil, such as Halloween parties.
  • Attending non-Christian places of worship.
  • Participating in sports activities that glorify evil, such as yoga (where the postures give honour to the strange gods) or karate (where participants call upon fighting spirits).
  • Seeking counsel from false prophets, fortune tellers, sorcerers, psychics, hypnotists and other “alternative” healers, all of whom draw signs and wonders from Satan and his demons to bring confusion [3].

Halloween, which glorifies evil, is celebrated by many today

In the words of God the Father to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“Oh my child, at this moment, you are hearing fire crackers for the Halloween festival, festive occasion. My child, this kind of festive occasion does not please me or the Triune God and Mother Mary. This is against our teachings, our principles and the Ten Commandments. This is only the work of the enemy to lure my innocent people. Yes, in the beginning of time, it was done in a different way, with no malice: innocent children going door to door to get sweeties or in some years, many decades back, getting a little bread from their families. But now there are many more dangers to my young people’s bodies, minds and spirits. It does damage to my people. This is not part of the teachings. Yes, the time is a very peculiar, dangerous, for my innocent children’s bodies, souls and minds. My little lamb, this energy could have been used for prayers to save this world in decay. My people could feed many innocent children in famine, hunger, who are going to sleep without a plate of food, but in the meantime, my people are using [their energy] to burn their daily bread. Oh, what a prejudice for their souls. Oh, they would have gained more spiritual food for their salvation.” (29/10/2016)

“My child, I, your Father God, I also came to relay to you about Halloween. My people are celebrating this, but my people are praising the enemy. Oh, this Halloween! My little children are dressed to entice the enemy, to make him and the evil doers feel big. Oh, this is very dangerous in my people’s lives, especially the little ones who are learning about this evil trap upon them. This is not permitted in heaven. Oh, my people don’t know the damage that they bring upon themselves. Oh, my people: don’t glorify evil, don’t feed him with this glory. This is not from God or my Son Jesus Christ. My people must stop these kinds of superficial lies upon themselves: don’t feed the lion with the wrong food, the wrong ideas. This is the work of the enemy, his trap. Instead, my people, come and celebrate the feast of All Saints Day in prayer for the poor souls in purgatory and the most abandoned ones from whom no one prayers. Teach the little ones about praying for these poor souls and teach them about the meaning of All Saints Day.” (01/11/2016)

In the words of Jesus Christ to Alan Ames [4]:

“There are a number of those who profess to love me and to follow me who deny me, but because they are not truly focused on me cannot see this. Some who call themselves Christian deny me and accept what opposes me and my loving will. These people often do not understand how they deny me and that in their denial of me they deny themselves, deny their children, deny the future of mankind and may even deny themselves salvation. Some deny me by celebrating the unholy day of evil which is known as Halloween. My followers throw parties with evil themes joyfully portraying the servants of evil, the witches, the warlocks and the evil ones. Some encourage their children to embrace this evil feast day oblivious to the fact that they are helping lower not only their own but also the young ones’ resistance to evil. This unholy celebration opens many to the influence of the evil spirits which can reach through the open doors of these foolish people to manipulate them so as to bring more suffering and confusion into the world. It should be clear to all what Halloween is, it is evil as it openly promotes what is evil and blinds people to see no wrong in evil. Yet, many of those who say they reject evil look forward to and embrace this evil feast day, seeing it as a day of fun. However, the great, good and holy feast day that follows where the saints of heaven are remembered for their holy and loving lives gets so little attention! Surely those who say they love me should be celebrating this day, encouraging the young to look to the saints and their lives. Having parties in honour of the saints, portraying and imitating the saints and exploring the goodness of the saints. How sad it is that those who have done and continue to do so much good for mankind are ignored by many while those who have done and continue to do so much bad for mankind are honoured, celebrated and given so much attention. It seems many of those who claim to love me enjoy celebrating evil instead of good.” (07/03/2005)

Antichrist music is viewed as acceptable by many

Many rock stars celebrate debauchery and the love of money, self and power. In some instances, they blatantly host statues of Satan, devils or witches on stage. In some modern music genres, God is often mocked, blasphemed or praised in the midst of the celebration of sexual promiscuity. Parents blindly allow their children to dance to hip-hop and other similar music, not realising that many of the lyrics are blasphemous. Being around this music gives Satan and his evil spirits the upper hand to start their spiritual assault on those who listen to it. Similarly, various trance, lounge or tantric music genres subtly invoke strange gods to “calm” people (when, in fact, they do the opposite) or promote lustful desires.

Some music festivals are especially satanic, designed under the guise of “light”, unity and progressiveness, to lure innocent people into pernicious traps. An example is the “Tomorrowland Unite” festival, which takes place around the world. As God the Father God explains to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“My child Fernanda, this Antichrist of the ‘unite’, the name is very dangerous, even the logo is very dangerous. My little lamb, I, your Father, I cannot permit this for too long – my wrath because I see how they are performing. You have the prayers. Pray fervently. I need you, my child. This country is using this defamation to destroy my people. This is not from my Son Jesus Christ. This is a very outrageous film (show), which brings darkness around my people. This is a very perfidious lie to intrigue my people into darkness. This is very succumbing where my children will fall into the pit of a hole without their knowledge. My little lamb, be aware of these demonic, satanic works, which are very pernicious and inflammable, and will turn my people to fall into a deep succumbing pitch-dark hole. Pray as I said to you the (secret) prayer of the beast. This is only for you at the moment: I need your prayers, my little one.” (23/07/2016)

Mother Mary’s requests through Stefano Gobbi [5] are being ignored by many today:

“Of the youth, I ask that they form themselves in the control of the passions through prayer and a life of union with me, and that they renounce going to the cinema and the discotheques, where there exists the grave and continuous danger of offending this virtue which is so dear to my Immaculate Heart. Of engaged couples, I ask that they abstain from all relations before marriage. Of Christian husbands and wives, I ask that they form themselves in the exercise of conjugal chastity and never make use of artificial means of birth control, as they follow the teaching of Christ, which the Church still puts forth today with enlightened wisdom. How very much I ask of priests the scrupulous observance of celibacy and, of religious, the faithful and austere practice of their vow of chastity!” (13/10/1989)

The television is the idol spoken of in the Book of Revelation

Modern media is filled with foul language, blasphemy, sexual promiscuity, immodest dress and humour at the expense of others. However, many Christians still support these producers, publishers and musicians. Most adults find it acceptable to watch films rated SVL (sex, violence and language), when the whole concept of an SVL movie is diabolic and goes against God’s wishes. Virtues such as virginity and chastity are frowned upon by many in society, and are not promoted in the media. However, sexual misconduct, homosexuality and lustful attire is promoted and celebrated. Pornography and other sexually explicit content is easily accessible on the Internet for all to see, including innocent children. Many people entertain themselves in this sin, not stopping to think that they are deriving pleasure out of vulnerable, abused and exploited people.

In the words of Jesus Christ to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“Oh, this modern technology that teaches my youth, my innocent children, to sin more and more!” (03/03/2011)

“My child, I want to convey to you that I, your Jesus, want you to be purified the way I purified you. I want you to stay the way you are now − no misconceptions or confusion. Your mind must be clean and pure, no negativity from that television. I want you, if it’s possible, to stay away from that instrument, out of that conspicuous, intervening delegation for your purification.” (16/07/2010)

In the words of Mother Mary to Stefano Gobbi:

“Never as today have immorality, impurity and obscenity been so continually propagandized, through the press and all the means of social communication. Above all, television has become the perverse instrument of a daily bombardment with obscene images, directed to corrupt the purity of the mind and the heart of all. The places of entertainment – in particular the cinema and the discotheques – have become places of public profanation of one's human and Christian dignity.” (13/10/1989)

“Do not take part in profane shows. Do not waste time before the television set, which is the most powerful instrument in the hands of my Adversary in spreading everywhere the darkness of sin and of impurity. Television is the idol spoken of in the Book of Revelation, built to be adored by all the nations of the earth, and to which the Evil One gives shape and movement so that it might become, in his hands, a terrible means of seduction and perversion.”  (17/02/1988)

Political parties openly promote evil

Abortion is legally acceptable in most countries today. People have blindly voted these assassins into government and think nothing of it. The wholesale slaughter of babies, whose right to life and choice are violated, contradicts the very rights for which pro-choice advocates claim they are fighting. Some doctors, who are supposed to support life, feel nothing to advise a mother to have an abortion if any form of deformity in a child is suspected. They forget that it is God who gives life and who takes life, not man, and that we all have a mission on this earth to fulfil. In addition to going to a clinic to murder a child, one can go to a pharmacy and buy a morning-after pill to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Most contraceptives today are falsely marketed as preventing pregnancy but in fact are also abortifacients.

In the rising cult of Satanism, the abortion of a foetus is an acceptable human sacrifice to Satan: it opens the door to acquiring higher rank and spiritual “gifts” from him. Satanists know that abortion is murder, yet most of the world can’t see this and turns a blind eye to this holocaust of hundreds of millions of innocent children every year.

God has revealed to us in the Bible that John the Baptist leaped in the womb of his mother, St Elizabeth [6], showing us that foetuses express emotions, yet many have been deceived into thinking this is not the case and ignore the plight of these poor little babies. In Mother Mary’s words to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“Oh so much pain… Today was one of those painful days where we had to pursue and pick up our little limbs all dismantled in pieces. Oh they suffered and cried – their pierced their little bodies. Oh what sharp instruments: their cries, their screams in fear and panic when they see those sharp instruments coming closer and closer to them. Their cries for help! It is barbaric evil what their own mothers, fathers, families, doctors and nurses do to them. They say, “Mommy, I love you, oh it hurts mommy.” (23/01/2011)

Unwanted pregnancies come about as a result of sinful conduct. Instead of promoting this evil, governments should combat it by bringing Christ’s teachings of morality into schools and society as a whole. Governments should be funding Christian missions whose objective is to stop this evil, not promote it.  

Many governments accept same-sex ‘marriages’ and promote sexual promiscuity by making condoms and contraception pills available. This in turn feeds lustful desires, the AIDS epidemic and unwanted pregnancies. Instead, they should be promoting the sanctity of marriage and chastity, which has the opposite effect. Promoting immorality destroys the very core and fibre of society itself – the family. Those who promote these sins on earth may be viewed as progressive, but unless they repent, they will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven:

“Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9−10)

In the words of Mother Mary to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“Today you were shocked to hear about ‘gay’ marriage now being legal in Argentina. Oh, my child, my Son created man and woman to be a couple, not men and men. My child, all of this happening hurts my Son’s heart and mine. It is not what my Son wishes for his children. This is why we ask you to pray for this sick, disrupted world.” (15/07/2010)

Some nations think they are being progressive by allowing Satanism to operate under the guise of freedom of religion, despite the fact that Satanists violate all the other human rights for which their constitutions are supposed to stand. Satanic rituals involve the sacrifice of humans and the stealing consecrated hosts from Catholic Churches, amongst other atrocities and crimes to humanity, yet governments, in their blind ambition to attract votes, allow these evildoers to operate. Governments that endorse God’s enemy to legally operate in their countries bring much curse to these nations.

“For the nation and the kingdom that will not serve thee, shall perish: and the Gentiles shall be wasted with desolation.” (Isaiah 60:12)

The Chastisement is imminent unless we change our ways

God the Father to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“Time is near for my Son’s Second Coming, which my children, my people, ignore. My Son and his dear Mother plea to them to listen, to humble themselves, to repent in Confession, to forgive one another and to love the same way my Son loved them all. My child, I, your Father God, say solemnly to you now: pray, pray, pray as often as possible for this world because my Son Jesus’ pleas and intercessions to me, his Father, are out of his control, his hands, because I, his Father, cannot permit this atrocity for much longer. A crown of thorns has been placed in his heart by my children – what they do to my Son’s aching heart – the sins, impurities of body and soul, abortions, killings and crimes against my Son’s will. What they do to my Son’s Precious Body and Blood, used for satanic work against my youth, against my Son. The sacrileges! They use my Son’s Precious Body – they sell him at church doors like he was sold by Judas for money. I can no longer admit this kind of sin perforating my Son. My Son gave his life – he was martyred and crucified to save all his children. But yet, still today, he endures much, much worse pains from the children for whom he died. My child, my Son Jesus and his Beloved Mother have been teaching you to explain all of this, about their pains, with no avail.” (02/05/2011)

Jesus Christ to Fernanda de Sequeira:

“My child, I, your Jesus, I have this secret to confide in you. My humble servant, I your Jesus of Nazareth, I have this pain upon my heart: you were feeling this pain a while ago. This pain is a secret of my heart – the secret that I want to confide and entrust to you because you are my prayer warrior, you are my messenger. This secret of my heart: it comes so severely and strongly because soon I am going to come and bring my Chastisement onto my children. Oh, I don’t want this to happen, and neither does my Father but my Father cannot hold his wrath any more, seeing how my children perforate my Sacred Heart with a Crown of Thorns. I want you to pray this prayer request entrusted to you to ask my Father and me to hold, to stop, this Chastisement upon this world and for my children to repent before it is too late.” (13/05/2012)

We can combat this scourge of evil in these end times by not participating in it, by focusing on Jesus Christ and praying the salvation of souls. It is only through humility and obedience, glorifying God, not evil, that the Holy Spirit can pour out his graces on us and the scales can be lifted from our eyes.


[1] For more detailed information, see Understanding the Powerful Sacrament of Confession in “The Alpha and Omega Healing Guide: How to become the saint you were created to be for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ” in “Resources” on

[2] Translated from the Latin word “sculptilia”, which means “sculptures” or “statues”

[4] See “A Better Way” by Alan Ames, 2004

[5] See “Our Lady speaks to her beloved priests: The Marian Movement for Priests” by Stefano Gobbi, 1992

[6] “And it came to pass, that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost” (Luke 1:41)