Praises to Jesus without ceasing

Father God

My humble servant, my Son Jesus Christ, he is my Only Begotten Son, but my people have forgotten how great my Son Jesus Christ is. They should praise and honour my Son at every instant of their lives [1]...

Hosanna in the highest! Glory be to God, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Alleluia, Jesus Christ is my Saviour.
Glory be to God for giving us his Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. 
Praise the holy name of Jesus.
Jesus Christ on my mouth, praising him in the good times and the bad times.
Glory be to Jesus Christ.
Sing alleluia to Jesus Christ.
Praise his holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.
Praise the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
Praise the Holy Trinity.
Praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the sanctified Holy Triune God.
Praise the Mother of Jesus Christ.
Praise the angels in heaven who are with Jesus Christ at his Adoration tabernacles and Holy Mass altars, adoring, praising and glorifying the Son of the Father, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary. Amen.

My child, make a prayer with these praises for my people to learn from their hearts and pronounce these words without ceasing in their hearts, instead of them using foul language, swearing, ugliness and negativity around them. They must repeat these holy words and their daily lives will change in every way.


[1] This prayer was developed from Father God’s words in “Despite Mother Mary’s many apparitions around the world, mankind is not praying enough” (24/09/2016) in “Conversations” on