Forgiveness prayer for the End of Times, the Chastisement

Father God

My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I am here at this hour of the morning to convey this secret to you that I, your Father God, Eternal Father, want to relay to my humble servant. I, your Father, I have this secret to reveal to you.

The Chastisement is near. Time is approaching. The secret is for you. Oh, it’s near. My people are ignoring our call for them to repent. The hour is coming soon when the Chastisement will be severe. My people must come to their knees and acknowledge that my Son Jesus Christ, he is the Son of Man, Son of God, that he is the Saviour. You will be going to faraway places, countries, to reveal for them to come to my Son Jesus Christ’s heart. The hour is coming soon. My people must not leave these messages unattended. These messages have to be revealed soon, as your sign will be placed upon you. The Chastisement is contained of tongues of fire burning like a furnace in my people’s hearts. The fire will burn them as they desire to see the Son of God. The fire is like a flame burning high, high. Oh, the Chastisement is very painful − it’s a real fire inside them. This is one of the worst Chastisements. The ones who acknowledge that the Son of Man is their Saviour, they will be spared from these pains, horrific pains. The ones who don’t want to repent, they will perish with this fire burning them.

Oh my child, I, your Father, I shall give you a prayer. It is prayed in this way, manner...

My God, my Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour, you are the Father of all creation; you are my Father, my Creator. My Jesus Christ, I thank you for dying, for suffering for my salvation. My Holy Spirit within me, my Breath of Life, give me the wisdom and knowledge to understand, and the willpower to be saved.

My Holy Trinity, the strongest of heaven and earth, you are my King, my Lord Jesus Christ, the Three Persons in One Inseparable. I repent of my sins. Jesus Christ, I know, I acknowledge that you are the Son of God. Save me, forgive me. I repent. I amend all of my sins. I am sorry for the many times that I have neglected and ignored you as my Saviour. I want to be saved by you my God, my Lord, my King, Jesus Christ. Please forgive me. I love you my Jesus. Amen.

My child, pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say...

My Holy Trinity, save my soul.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say...

Mary my Mother, pray for me, for my salvation, spare me from Gehenna through your intercession to your Son Jesus Christ.

My daughter Fernanda, this is a prayer to be recited for the End of Times, the Chastisement. My people must pray this prayer continuously. I thank you, my humble servant, my obedient child. Pray for my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart, for Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Pray for my Son Jesus, for the conversion of sinners. The End of Times, my Son’s Second Coming, it’s near, my Petal, my meek lamb. Time is running out. You will be going out to the world to relay this message.

[Fernanda] Thank you, my Father God. Can I please ask my Father something very important at this hour, 03h00, Jesus’ hour of mercy?

You may ask me, my tender lamb.

[Fernanda] My loving Father, this is a secret? I can’t reveal it to anyone?

My Petal, I, your Father, I said it is a secret for you. At this point in time you cannot reveal it. Closer to the time, my Son Jesus and I will allow you to convey it to my people. You can reveal the prayer to them for their salvation.

My child, I thank you for being here at this hour to converse with me, your Father. Pray now the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the moribunds [1] of this hour, for this day, for all who are going to die today. Pray the same way as you have been praying, especially as you ask me to forgive them as my Son brings them in front of my throne to be judged.


[1] The dying