Jesus feels excruciating pain when people take his Body and Blood unworthily, without humility and purity in their hearts

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, families, God's love and mercy, God's pains, loving others, salvation
Jesus Christ

My Petal, thank you for my Holy Mass this morning. You went to bed late but you made the effort to take my Precious Body and Blood. How it pleases me to see my children come to me, to receive my Precious Body and Blood in a state of grace.

My child, I am going to explain to you how my heart feels: pain, excruciating pain, when my children receive my Body and Blood unworthy of me. My child, I, your Jesus, want you to relay to my children how important it is to come to me in my Holy Mass’s Eucharist, to take me into their hearts with purity and humility in them. They must seek Confession, repentance, reconciliation, unity with their family and friends, then, in purity of the heart and soul, they will be able to receive me. Tell my children how I, your Jesus, your God, suffer terrific, excruciating pains, which infiltrate my heart when my children receive me not worthy of my Precious Body and Blood, which, I, in my Last Supper, instituted and offered to my apostles in memory of me.

My child, my Holy Mass, my Eucharist, is a very serious commandment and is very important. How I wish my children [would] understand. How I love to see my sheep, my flock, my lost ones, coming to me to take the food of life, the fount of mercy, their daily food. I, their Jesus, will grant many graces to them, their loved ones and families. I will protect them from my adversary, my enemy, and from dangers.

My children, come to my table, the Banquet, which I instituted at my Last Supper for all of you. My children, remember that I gave you seven days a week, six to work with one day dedicated to me, my Father and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, the Three in One. My children, it pleases, enhances my heart, when you give holy Sunday to me, your God, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my dear Mother; the heavens rejoice, “Alleluia! Alleluia!”

I am the bread of life. Come and drink from my fount of eternal life. I will never let you perish. From the peril of hell, I will save you. My children, come to me with your open hearts, your windows of heaven. Come with a contrite heart. I, your Jesus, will forgive all of your errors, faults and sins committed, even the most horrendous sins. I, your merciful Lord, will absolve you from that.

Thank you, my precious, inadequate children. I, your God, your Lord, love you all, my sheep, my flock. Love your God, your Lord with all your heart.

My Andorinha [1], thank you for your time spent with me, your Jesus.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow