Jesus asks us to spare him one hour of Adoration a week

Themes: Adoration, God's love and mercy, loving God, the Church
Jesus Christ

My daughter, I, your Jesus, say thank you for your company. You know, my Andorinha [1], during these moments spent together, I strengthen you and give you and your loved ones many graces. My child, when you are on your mission, one of the strong points to teach my children is about my Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist. I want you to write everything I say to you. I am your God, your Lord, saying to you: relay to my children, speak to my son priests and tell them how important it is for them to institute Adoration and expose my Blessed Sacrament in my Holy Temple, my Church. My son priests must know its importance and how this encounter with my children pleases me. I will give my children many graces and protection when they sit here with me and my Beloved Mother – she is always with me.

My daughter, tell them my heart entwines with love: I hear, I see all their tears shed in front of me. I heal their pain and suffering. I will give them strength for their daily life’s hardships. Oh, oh I love to have my children even just to sit with me, absorbing my peace and my love. I will protect them from my enemy, my adversary. I will assist them in the last hour of their death. I restore broken marriages and homes. I will unite families. They must sit with me and open their hearts to me. I will hear all their pleas and their petitions, which I will grant them, according to my will and in my own time. I, their Jesus, their God, bless them abundantly.

Come, my children, sit with me. What I ask from you is just one hour a week of your time to spend with me. I give you a day of 24 hours. A week is 168 hours and from that I ask one hour for me. Will you do it for me, your Jesus, your God? Will you spare me one hour? Oh, thank you, my child.

My children, I, your Jesus, your God, love you very much. I even died for you with so much love and compassion, to save you, my children. Now, what do you say to your Jesus? Do not hesitate, I will be waiting for you. Look at my daughter, my humble servant: she spent three hours here with me while my children rested. She could have been sleeping. She gave me these hours to keep me company.

Thank you, my daughter, for this special time spent with me your Jesus, your God.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow