Jesus instructs priests to expose his Blessed Sacrament

Themes: Adoration, end times, salvation
Jesus Christ

My child, I, your Jesus, love you very much − and your loved ones. I want to say again that you are my hope to bring souls, my perishing flock, to me. You have a great, immense mission ahead of you to accomplish, my messenger for my End Times.

My child, I want you to relay my messages about my Holy Mass, my Blessed Sacrament, to my children. Tell my son priests about this message. They must institute my Blessed Sacrament in my Holy Temple, my Church. They must expose my Blessed Sacrament. My son priests must acknowledge this teaching. My sheep, my flock, must make time for Adoration: they must not fear for my temple being open in these times of danger − nothing will happen to them, my children, while they’re coming to adore me and keep me company, visiting me and telling me all about their pains, hardships and heartache. I will heal them, protect them and all their loved ones.

Also, explain about my message given to you by me, your Jesus, about my Holy Mass and how much it pleases me. My daughter, there is so much to be done, so much work to accomplish, to acknowledge to my sheep, my people. My daughter, how much it enhances my pierced heart.

My daughter, I will help you. I will send my angels to sort out all of your messages in your books for your mission. My Andorinha [1], I know all about your needs. Stay calm, in my peace, the peace of the Lord your God, Jesus Christ. I am providing all the things for your struggles. You are my messenger for my Second Coming. I know my duty to you, my Petal

[Fernanda] Thank you my Jesus, I love you.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow