Children who have been brought up in lukewarm environments are rapidly influenced into Satanism - this is how to protect them

Themes: end times, families, God's pains, hell, Holy Mass, loving God, loving others, Mother Mary's pains, praying, Rosary, sins of the world, spiritual warfare
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

My child, you are trembling. Thank you for getting up to converse with me, my Mother, my Father and the Holy Spirit. My child, I have to converse with you. It is a very important determinant, what I have to convey to you now.

Oh, my child, I, your Jesus, suffer a lot of excruciating pains because of what is happening in this world. My daughter, I have to relay now to you. I, your Jesus of Nazareth, say that my children don’t have respect for me. My youth are going into a sinking boat, a decaying hole. There is so much going on with my youth at the moment. My adversary destroys whatever he can to get my youth. My youth then go in the wrong direction. My enemy succeeds in overpowering my youth with his evil tricks. Oh my child, Satanism is a very satanic, diabolic cynicism to my youth. I ask you to pray, my child, for this cause. They worship Satan. He uses the most horrific tricks on my children, against me, your God. He influences rapidly through my innocent children who are brought up in very lukewarm homes and don’t have strong principles. My child, what they worship, what they use on these evil grounds to turn my innocents into a diabolic atrocity, what they sacrifice to use innocent blood for these horrendous sins... My dear Mother cries tears of blood with me to see this horrible satanic work done to my children.

My child, I want to convey to you, my hand is getting tired. I have been trying very hard to keep up my hand. My Beloved Mother watches these crimes and atrocities with me. I say and I repeat, it is very cruel, it is a crown of thorns into my heart and my Mother’s heart. My child, you were trembling: that’s only a bit of what we feel. My child, your mission is almost done [1]. Write everything down for you to convey to the world what my pains are, and my dear Mother’s. Keep praying for the youth. Oh my child, very soon you are going to start your mission, then you must go to prayer groups. Prayer groups joined together will make an impact on this satanic work. My Mother will crush the serpent’s head in the end, but for this we need intense prayers. My child, I, your Jesus, had to convey my pain. You are my messenger to the world.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Jesus. I am sorry. I am going to relay my Jesus’ pains and sufferings with my Jesus and my Mother’s help in my Jesus’ holy name.

Yes, my child, only prayers and Rosaries will combat Satan.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, can I ask my Lord, if my Jesus has any specific prayer to teach about this, then I can teach my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ in prayer groups.

Thank you, my child, for this beautiful question. My child, now I will teach you a prayer to be said for my youth against Satanism...

Lord Father God, the Holy Trinity, the Three in One and dear Mother Mary, I ask you in the holy name of your Son Jesus Christ together with all the angels and saints, all the choirs of angels, come together with St Michael, St Raphael, St Gabriel and all the saints in heaven; come and rescue our youth from Satanism and diabolical worship against our God, our Lord Jesus Christ; come in Jesus’ holy name to defend your youth, your children, whom you created in your own image. Come and save your children, your youth. Combat Satan’s evil tricks against them. Be their protection and pour your Precious Blood over your children.

St Michael, come with all your troops to defend and save them in Jesus’ holy name, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh Mother Mary, come with your Virginal Mantle and cover them, especially when they worship evil. Be the refuge of your innocent children. I ask this in your Son Jesus Christ’s holy name. Amen.

Thank you my child, write this prayer, make copies and teach my children how important it is to pray this prayer with all their hearts. If each family prays this prayer every day, I will save a thousand of my youth, my children, a day. Thank you, from your Jesus, your God.

My daughter, my precious Mother, she is waiting to converse with you. My child, console my dear Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

Mother Mary

My Andorinha [2], thank you for this beautiful dialogue with my Son Jesus and you. Oh, what a powerful prayer to be said to save our innocent, trapped children from evil l forces. My child, my enemy knows his time is limited. My children should have a strong teaching from their birth about praying the Rosary, praying as a family, infusing in their little hearts about God, my Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit, going to Mass and Confession at a young age, and as soon as they make their First Holy Communion, never failing to receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood in purity of heart. Influence them on the importance of always being in contact with my Son, teaching them how dangerous it is to lose their first steps when they start leaving my Church. Teach them to bless themselves, especially with holy water and the Sign the Cross.

I, your Mother Mary, recommend, want, my children to pray at least three Hail Marys every day in my honour, for their protection, and seven Glory Be’s to the Father to their own guardian angels for their protection. I will save them and protect them from perishing in hell – that is my promise to my children.

I love you, my children, your Mother of the Youth, the Mother of your Jesus. Amen.

My child, my Andorinha, you have this task to accomplish.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, can my precious Mother show me which picture of the Mother of the Youth must be on the front of then card, and then the prayer at the back?

My child, I will provide you with a picture of me, the Mother of the Youth, for these prayers.

Oh, my child, I am excited about these prayers for my children. My Andorinha, I know what you are thinking now, you don’t have enough finances to print these prayers. I will provide. Trust my Son. Thank you my child, my Son’s warrior.


[1] Referring to the mission preparations

[2] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow