Abortion is the darkest of sins: it inflicts horrendous pains on these innocent babies and kills a part of Jesus because they are part of his flesh and blood

Themes: death, God's pains, heaven, hell, Mother Mary's pains, praying, sins of the world
Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

My daughter, my Petal, thank you for your time spent today with me, my son priest and my children. Thank you for sitting with me and my Mother. Oh, what a wholesome night with my son priest explaining my living word, my love, to my sheep, my children.

Thank you for taking our son ________ to attend the talk about me. My child, I was very joyous tonight. When my children gather together to listen to my love, my living word, it heals my pierced heart.

My child, your heart was heavy. You were concerned about my hands and my Sacred Face being in the dark. Our son ________ was also aware of that. My child, I am going to explain the reason. My Petal, tonight my heart was very painful, with thorns in my heart, because of what is happening in the world.

I went with my Mother to pick up my little foetuses, my precious little babies. My hands were in the dark because of the blood and the dark sins of those mothers, fathers, doctors and nurses. That’s why my hands and even my Sacred Face were in the dark. My child, the abortions carry on in the same dimension of sin. If you had to see these innocent little babies, their tiny, tiny bodies so dismantled and corrupted in bags, thrown like garbage. I your Jesus created them. I formed their beautiful little bodies in my own image. I was the one who gave them their first breath of life. It’s part of me that my children criminals dismantle. Do you understand why my heart aches? My body trembles because it is part of me being “killed”, destroyed. I see you kept your eyes on me all night − in your heart you knew I was very hurt.

[Fernanda] Oh my Jesus, I am sorry. I ask my Father in heaven to pardon those mothers and fathers who committed these terrible sins. Yes, my Jesus, I knew my Jesus was in pain. At that moment I wish my Jesus would talk to me.

Thank you my child for your love. It is precious time like tonight that brings joy to my heart after these moments of suffering.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, your daughter ________ and your son ________: she called me today. If I can ask my Jesus a big favour, if it is my Jesus’ will to help and convey to me. Your daughter and your son are expecting a little baby girl, Lord Jesus, that my Jesus created and offered, presented to them to be their parents. She said to me, please if I can pray to Jesus, if my Jesus can save their little baby. The doctor said that when she is born she is going to have to be operated on. Oh, my Lord Jesus, I give it in your hands my Lord, my Saviour, to take care of this situation. I thank you my Jesus. I love you, I bless you, I adore you.

Thank you my little one for your concern about this situation, your willingness to help them in my holy name. My child, I am aware of this situation. My child, I heard their pleas to me. My daughter, I want you to relay my message to my children: with me, your Jesus, nothing is impossible. Tell them that I, their God, their Lord, I am the healer of thee. I will heal her. I will bless her, my child whom I entrusted to them. In my holy name I will concede this grace to them. My child, I also want you to do a novena to my Mother’s chosen one, my daughter, Sister Reinolda May, to intercede to us. My child I entrust you to this task.

[Fernanda] Oh my darling, loving, “meu Querido” adorable Jesus. I thank you, I thank you very much my Jesus.

Be in my peace with this cause my Petal. My Andorinha [1], my precious Mother, she is waiting to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My daughter, thank you for sitting with my Son and me. This dialogue, my child, I listen to everything. My Petal, thank you for understanding and loving my Son, for alleviating his pain. In your heart you knew when you were fixing your eyes on my Son and that my Son was in excruciating pain. My child, when you are on your mission, which is very soon, relay and tell my children about this episode, my child, I was with my Son on this arduous work.

[Fernanda] Oh my dear Mother, I am sorry for all these pains that my Jesus and my precious Mother go through.

My children, they don’t have to commit these crimes. My child, when my children here on earth commit crimes, they are sent to jail but when they die, their jail is hell, which is much, much worse than jail. Oh my child, that is why I cry Tears of Blood, because my Son and I don’t want our children to go through the pain of hell. We want to save our children. Believe that hell exists − and it is horrific to see my children perish this way.

[Fernanda] My dear Mother, can I please ask my precious Mother something, if my dear Mother wishes to tell me? My precious Mother, when my Jesus and my dear Mother pick up these little innocent foetuses, where do my Jesus and Mommy take them to? Sorry Mommy “Mãe” for this question. If I don’t offend or hurt my Jesus and my dear Mother in asking this question? Thank you minha Mãe querida [2].

My child, my Son is also smiling. He says, “That’s my inquisitive little Petal!” Thank you for asking this question. Oh, my child, your humbleness, humility, simple, honest question doesn’t hurt us, my child. My Son and I go and pick up the pieces of dismantled bodies with our hands and we place them in a special basket, full of flowers. We place them between the most beautiful flowers. We take them to heaven. There is a special garden where we keep them and we look after them with the most beautiful flowers − we don’t throw them in the garbage. As my Son said to you, they are part of my Son’s flesh and blood. That is why we handle them with care − they are fragile. That is why, my child, abortion is the darkest of sins.

Oh my Andorinha, write down everything that we convey to you now and when you are on your mission, explain all of this to my children, how my Son and I suffer so much from abortion. What an atrocity, what cruelty! Pray, pray as my Son said before: pray to my Father for the mothers, fathers and families, for forgiveness to those who have committed abortion, because the Father knows it is part of his Son’s flesh and blood that has been killed and destroyed.

[Fernanda] Thank you my dear loving Mother “minha Mãe” for relaying, conveying all of this to me. I love you so much. I love your Beloved Son. I will help my Jesus and my dear Mother with this. I will pray. I will ask for forgiveness for all of these sinners. I ask mercy from our Father in heaven. Tell my dear Father I love him and the Holy Spirit.

My child, thank you, my Son will tell his Father. I bless you, your loved ones, family and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call.

Jesus Christ

My Andorinha, thank you for all the special time spent with my Mother and me, your Jesus. Thank you, my inquisitive child, for asking those questions. It pleases me for you to relay to my children what happens to our little foetuses: my tiny, precious babies. If you heard their cries to not be killed, when they are pierced and destroyed with some sharp instruments: my child, imagine when you prick yourself with anything sharp − it’s painful... And when my babies are deformed, dismantled and cut into pieces, oh, their cries from the horrendous pains...

I, your Jesus, convey this to you. Help me by explaining all of this: expand, expand, spread, spread this message, to avoid my children from becoming barbaric assassins. Assassins: that is what they are to their own flesh and blood.

[Fernanda] Sorry, sorry my Jesus for all of these horrific pains.

Pray my Petal, always.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow

[2] Portuguese to English translation: My dear Mother