Jesus explains what happens when we die and are judged, what purgatory is and the graces that praying for the dead bring

Themes: Confession and repentance, death, heaven, hell, purgatory
Jesus Christ

Thank you my daughter for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father, the Holy Spirit and my Beloved Mother Mary. My little one, I, your Jesus, I am here to converse with you.

Thank you for today, my little one. I, your Jesus, I am here to convey to you about my children who are departed – the souls in purgatory. My little one, today, I want to convey to you, to explain to you, about purgatory and about the souls in purification of their sins committed during their lives.

Oh my children, when they come to eternal life, it is very arduous, difficult, for most of the departed souls. When my children come to eternal life, when it is their last breath on earth, when the Holy Spirit ends their life on earth, there are many pains, sufferings and tears from their loved ones who stay behind, but each one of them also follows the same path, direction, to eternal life. No one in this world stays behind − each one of my children are born and then will die sooner or later. It all depends on how much life the Holy Spirit gave to them when they were created. Yes, when my children are born, we, the Holy Triune God know the hour, the minute, the second and which day, month and year they will come to eternal life. Everything about them has been written in their Book of Heaven: the two books, one with the good deeds and one with the (bad) wrongdoings of their lives – to be opened in eternity in front of me and my Father God’s throne.

Oh my Petal, it is beautiful to open the book of good deeds. There we still find many of their good deeds, which helps them to be saved. Oh, but sometimes, there is very little in there to show us. But there are many of my children who have a beautiful book to be read out to my Father and me, their Jesus. But the black book is very painful to see when it is opened because of what we see there.

I stand blameless in front of my Father’s throne for my children to be judged. Oh, I died, I suffered horrific pains to save my children and to see them being sent to the most horrendous place, to peril, is very painful for me. When my children have time to amend and confess their most terrible sins, having repented with a contrite heart, then they will have the “black book”, as we call it in heaven, all wiped away: everything is scratched out from that book. That means the book is blank. Oh, it is the most wonderful moment to send our children to a better place: heaven. But first, most of the time, my children have to come to purgatory for their souls to be purified and cleansed of their impurities. Then it all depends on how their sins are for them to have a light purification and cleansing. Then they can come to heaven to sit next to me and my Father in my kingdom, my paradise, to be enriched with the glamour and beauty of heaven.

My child, there is so much still to teach you about purgatory. My child, I want you to know what purgatory is. Purgatory is a place where my children come after their sins are well examined by me, their Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother. We receive my children here and then we go look, investigate, in the two books to see how far their sins are from heaven.

My children, when you die, be prepared so as to not suffer painful moments in front of my Father and me. Oh, in purgatory the pains and sufferings are also not pleasant – the cleansing is very arduous.

My children think that when they die, everything is finished. It is not true. They come and feel the torments of purgatory. Oh, but hell is the most intense of pains, constant pains. Oh, those pains, there are no words to describe them.

My Petal, today, I am going to speak about purgatory. Yes, my children are in pain as they pass to purgatory – some of them for a very little time but others of them stay for long, long, many years. There are many prayers to pray for the souls in purgatory. I, your Jesus, have given you this message to pray a prayer request for them.

I am going to explain to you what kind of pain they suffer in purgatory. Well, first their purification is analysed by my Father and me. Oh, we are very merciful and compassionate towards our children − then we see where they have to go. In purgatory they also suffer pains because sometimes their purification has to be perfect to come to heaven afterwards. Oh, some of them stay there for forever if there is no one to pray for them while they are in purification of their souls. My child, in purgatory they are going through a special cleansing. It is not as horrific as hell because there are no words to describe hell. In purgatory their pains are not as profound but they need lots of prayers on earth for them to be saved to come to heaven.

My child, I, your Jesus, I want to convey to you, to ask you to pray the prayer request given to you for the souls in purgatory [1]. That prayer will save 1,000 souls every time you or my children recite it. Do not forget or neglect this prayer request for your deceased family and friends. Those prayers have been given to you from me and my Father to save them. My child, help these souls to be saved.

My child, you want to ask me some questions – you may ask me.

[Fernanda] Oh my loving Jesus, I want to ask, if these souls stay in purgatory for many years, can I ask what kind of pain they endure?

My little one, there are very different pains in purgatory: they are also painful but not so severe. It is a pain of their souls wanting to see the Lord Jesus Christ, their Redeemer of their sins. It is a pain where they cry, they desire to see their Saviour, where their souls are like fires of love because during their time on earth they never felt or knew the fire of my love and they burn and thirst for our (my) love. Oh, it is a purification where they crave to see the face of God. Oh, they wait to be saved and they desire that those on earth pray for them. Oh, they wish they could come and ask their families, loved ones not to commit the same sins as they did, and they want them to pray for them, too. My children must pray for these souls as much as possible.

[Fernanda] My Jesus, sometimes, we pray for the first souls waiting to enter heaven. Is it appropriate to pray for them in that manner, are they waiting in a queue to be saved?

Yes, my child, they are waiting in a queue to be saved. Pray for the most abandoned souls who have no one to pray for them. It is very pleasing to their souls in waiting for their redemption of sins in their last purification. There is nothing to compare as they were on earth: they are different pains but also very arduous to go through.

Oh, these souls desire to see God. Oh, they are waiting for my Mother, the Star of the Sea, to come with Saint Michael the Archangel, to come and rescue them. Know that Christmas day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the most powerful days that my Mother Mary rescues many souls of purgatory [2]. Oh, on these special days, my Blessed Mother, Star of the Sea – that is what they call my dear Mother – they are waiting for her to sponge, wet, their mouths to alleviate their purification, to save them.

My Petal, pray always for these souls. You can ask them to intercede for you or for some petition. They will intercede to us in heaven. Know that these souls cannot pray for themselves but they can pray or intercede to you for anything that you ask of them. Relay and explain this to my children.

Thank you, my Petal. I, your Jesus, say thank you.

[Fernanda] Thank you my Jesus for this beautiful dialogue teaching me all about purgatory.


[1] See “Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory” (22/07/2011) and “Prayer for Deceased Family Members and Friends” (01/08/2011) in “Prayers” on Other prayer requests for the souls in purgatory have subsequently been given to us to pray: see Rosary for the Souls of Purgatory and the Most Abandoned Ones (01/11/2012) and “A Simple Prayer for the Souls of Purgatory” (08/09/2013).

[2] In a subsequent message, All Souls Day is also mentioned as a day when many souls are released to heaven.