This world is a teaching, cleansing and purification for eternal life: don’t be concerned about the luxuries and vanities of this world

Themes: death, God's love and mercy, heaven, loving God, salvation, trials and tribulations
Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ. Thank you for waking up to be here with me, your Jesus Christ. I have a message for you to transmit, convey to my children.

My dear children, I, your Jesus Christ, I am here to convey this message. This world is in dismay, chaos, in despair of salvation. My children are so in despair of their earthly things, of their daily affairs, in depression, affliction in the loss of their businesses, their homes, their fortunes, their possessions, and in fear of losing their earthly homes. Yes, all of this is very important to my children who dread losing their beautiful homes and going to smaller, more modest homes or rented homes.

I do understand my children’s despair and affliction. Yes, some of them turn to me in despair, thinking, saying, that their Jesus Christ doesn’t hear their prayers. Yes, I, your Jesus Christ, I do hear each prayer − so do my Father, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary − and the novenas to their patron saints. Oh my dear, precious children, I do, we do, receive each one of your prayers. None of them are in vain. They are in the abode of my heart, in my hands at the foot of the cross. I do answer each one of your prayers in my own time because I know what the right time is and what is best for you. I do give to my children what is best for them.

My children are so busy and occupied with their earthly things, so concerned about their status. Yes, some of them are only looking for a roof and a plate of their daily food on the table, to provide for their families. They do get discouraged and despondent so easily. They don’t persist. Oh, I never abandon or forsake any of my children in those difficult moments of their aching hearts. That’s when I am there helping them, but they don’t even notice my presence, my love. I do give many graces and blessings during those trials.

Yes, there are many trials, tribulations and hardships in my children’s lives. This is not paradise: this is earth, where my children are purified and cleansed, a passing by for eternity. I didn’t promise paradise in this world for my children, but I did promise paradise in eternal life. This world is a teaching, a cleansing, a purification for eternal life. If my children would accept their wins and failures with dignity, patience, humility and understanding, they would see my glory upon them one day as they come to eternal life.

Yes, it was my purpose, my acceptance, to be crucified upon the cross, carrying a heavy cross for your sins, for your salvation. Yes, I went through the most excruciating suffering that none of you, my children, ever underwent in your entire life. I accepted all of those pains and trials for you. So you, my children, why do you think that your Jesus abandons you or forsakes you if I accepted the trials and hardships of dying the way I died for you? This is love for you, for your salvation!

My dear children, bear your trials, your hardships, with me, because I walk side by side with you to comfort you, to embrace you, to wipe away your tears. I send earthly angels to help you many times to alleviate your cross, your trials. Many times I protect you and the heavenly angels walk with you. I command your guardian angel to take care of you. But you, my children, never ask for his help. Yes, your guardian angel was entrusted to accompany you constantly. Also, the Holy Spirit was infused within you since you were conceived, but you never ask him for help, for guidance, to teach you, to enlighten your mind in difficult moments at your crossroads. The Holy Spirit: his wisdom, knowledge, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they are so powerful and important in your lives.

Do not despair in times of tribulations and hardships. Pray, pray your prayers. They will be answered: if it is not for what you prayed for, they will be used for the right things in your life. My children forget that prayers move mountains. If your faith is the size of a mustard seed, the mountains will be moved in my holy name. With me, your Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible. This power was given to me by my Father God. Do not reject my love, my care, my paradise promised in heaven. Pass through the narrow gate in this world to enter through the wide gate in the paradise of heaven.

My dear children, do not be concerned about the beautiful homes, luxuries, vanities and pride of this world. Be aware to know more about my Holy Word of my Holy Bible: the teachings and parables of what matters to us in heaven.

Oh, my children, when you come to eternal life you can’t bring the beauty of this world, the status, certificates and luxuries to us in a box with you. We do have two books in heaven: the one of the good deeds is written in golden letters, the other is written with all the unconfessed sins, unforgiveness, hatred – all the bad deeds are written there, to be read out in front of my Father’s throne with me, your Jesus Christ, and my Father God.

My dear children, be concerned about your salvation. This world is in much disarray and decay, in need of prayers, change of hardened hearts and conversions. Very few of my children are concerned about saving their souls. My children, I ask this: peace in marriages, pray as a family. The Holy Rosary is a very strong weapon against Satan in breaking up marriages. Pray for unity in families. Pray and forgive your enemies. Even if you lose your home, your possessions, live in simplicity, because in heaven you will have a beautiful home. Pray for this country and all over the world, for good governments: they need your prayers. Turn gossip, slander and foul language into prayers: there will be a huge reward in heaven waiting for you. Pray for your persecutors, your enemies. Let go of unforgiveness and hatred.

I promise you a beautiful home, a paradise in heaven. Don’t give up praying, asking. Knock and your prayers will be answered. Remember, I never give up on you. You are mine, you are carved in the palm of my hand.

Don’t turn your pains of hardships against me, your Jesus Christ. Don’t become despondent. Believe and trust that you will be saved if you come to my heart. Don’t close the door of your heart on me. My arms and the door of my heart are [have been] open for you since you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

My child, I your Jesus of Nazareth, I am waiting for you. All my love, Jesus of Nazareth. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, to your loved ones, families and all upon this entire world.

Thank you, my child Fernanda, for being obedient to my call to relay this message of my love to my children.