Fill the Book of Heaven and clear the Black Book in contrite Confession because time is running out

Themes: Confession and repentance, heaven, hell, praying, salvation, Second Coming
Jesus Christ

Here in heaven, my child, we write everything in the Book of Heaven. All the good deeds are written in a special book in letters of gold. My daughter, I, your Jesus, say to you, tell my children about it. But what is hurtful to my Father, my Holy Spirit and my Mother is a totally different book, contiguous to the Book of Heaven: we call it the Black Book of bad deeds, which remain unless my children repent and confess to my son priests with a contrite heart. I gave a special blessing to my son priests to represent me in Confession. I repeat again, I, their Jesus of Nazareth, I am in the Confession box to absolve my children. My children don’t believe in Confession. I clean their Black Book when they come to me repenting of their sins.

I, your Jesus, I am a merciful God, I love my children and I want to save all of my sheep, my flock. My desire is to save them all. My pains on Via Dolorosa were to save them all but my people turn their ears and their eyes in a different direction, not to my teachings. I left my Apostles with all my Scriptures, my living Word, to teach to the ignorant ones. I gave them different parables for them to understand my teachings. It is so painful to watch my children committing horrendous, outrageous sins and perishing in hell because they do not believe that I am their God, their Lord.

My child, I your Jesus, said to you many times: I want you to help me to bring my sheep, my flock to my heart. My child, time is near for you to go to prayer groups and tell them about my messages given to you. My Andorinha [1], my prayer groups are my hope in bringing my children to my heart.

My time is near, my time is running out for my Second Coming. Oh, my Blessed Mother runs out of words to ask me, her Son Jesus, for more time for the world.

My child, when the time comes, do not fear criticism, do it in my holy name. I and my Mother have given you some secrets. Closer to the time, I will allow you to disclose them. I said to you that I will place a sign upon you that comes from me, your Jesus. My children will see that it comes from me, your Jesus.

Keep praying with my Blessed Mother as I and my Mother ask to pray for all the causes said to you. You are my messenger to the world, of your God, your Lord. I and my Blessed Mother will protect you from all dangers. Do not fear, my chosen one.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow