It is not an eclipse of the moon but an eclipse of many sins that will soon result in our Chastisement unless we repent and pray for it to stop

Themes: Confession and repentance, end times, God's wrath, praying, prophecy, Second Coming, sins of the world
Father God

I have this message to proclaim, to teach the world.

My precious children, today, upon this entire world, there was a change of eclipse which my children are not aware of. This eclipse is not the moon or the sun, it is an eclipse of many sins, of many different countries being in the most secrets of sins: countries against countries, hidden secrets of malice and poverty, iniquities of hidden, horrendous, perfidious secrets from countries in power disputes − not worrying who suffers (or doesn’t suffer) in these disputes of powerful men. This eclipse is a very evil one. Oh, my people don’t see what is being hidden behind the mask of malice on this eclipse of this turbulent, chaotic world.

I am here with my humble servant. Oh, she has a very strong wisdom and knowledge about all these eclipses that I am taking about. She has many deep secrets revealed to her about my Son’s Second Coming amid this chaotic world. My people, my humble servant has been given many prayer requests to be prayed for many of my people, countries in dispute and wars of jealousy, enviousness and power upon each other.

Know, my people, the Holy Trinity is the strongest of all heaven, but because my Son Jesus loves you all unconditionally, to save you all, he asks and implores to me to give this world more time, to see if they repent. My Son bleeds to save you all but, I, your Father God, I am waiting for my Son’s sign to let his hand down on this sinful world. He implores to me, “Father, Abba, give us more time for the world,” but I, your Father, see my Son going through so many pains and I, your Father, cannot take these perfidious sins carrying on in this way. My Son is a God with a kind, beautiful and merciful heart, and so am I, his Father, but my people: what my Son goes through is unacceptable – he paid his price on Calvary 2,000 years ago. Come my people: pray, pray to stop the Chastisement that is coming soon.

My people, I, your Father God, I cannot allow my Son to go through Calvary again because of all of this that is happening in this stubborn world in dispute.

I, your Father, I bless you, I give you my love and my peace upon this world. I give my peace to you and your loved ones.