Pray for and treat those with hardened hearts with humility to melt their hearts of stone

Themes: Confession and repentance, families, forgiveness, God's pains, loving God, loving others, praying, prophecy, sins of the world
Jesus Christ

Three months prior to this message, Fernanda was in a small airport in Turkey. She mistakenly ended up with a stranger’s suitcase that looked exactly like hers. The owner of the suitcase, Alexandrous, who was on another mini bus with the same tour company, realised the error and communicated it to his tour guide. The tour guide contacted Fernanda’s tour guide and she confirmed the same error.

Alexandrous agreed that the suitcases would be exchanged at the hotel where Fernanda was staying. She left it at the reception for him with a message to call when he came so that she could apologise for the error. That evening, Alexandrous arrived to pick up the suitcase and he angrily and aggressively approached Fernanda using foul language. Fernanda remained calm and never retaliated, asking him with all humility to accept her apology. The error could have been his but she took it as her error to avoid conflict.

As she went to shake his hand, he refused and carried on belittling and ridiculing her. He became even more enraged when she said that she hadn’t opened the suitcase. She remained uncritical and calm to avoid conflict, walking with him to reception to avoid public humiliation, and he left in a huff without reconciling with her.

That evening Jesus explained to Fernanda that he swapped the bags because he wanted Fernanda to encounter him and pray for him. She prayed for him for three months after this event and on this date (31/08/2010), Fernanda was sitting in Adoration at the Blessed Sacrament, thinking about Alexandrous. Jesus came to convey this message in response.

Jesus Christ

My daughter, my Petal, thank you for sitting with me and my dear Mother. Thank you for your joyous spirit. My child, today you have been thinking constantly about my son Alexandrous. My son has been receiving blessings from the prayers that you have been praying for him. My son Alex’s heart has melted: the heart of stone has been breaking slowly. Thank you my child for your prayers. Keep praying for him: he still needs more.

My daughter, my son Alex has been thinking about you, what he said to you. Your humbleness and humility has been on his conscience. Now he has regretted his attitude. My child, I, your Jesus want this kind of prayer towards my children. You showed him humility. I had my hand in this matter. I want to save my children. Do you understand my Andorinha [1]? Teach and explain to my sheep. Do not fear what happened there: the manner in which you treated him with your pure heart − thank you my Petal, my joyous spirit.

[Fernanda] I love you my Jesus. My heart, my will, is all yours, my Lord, my King. You, my Jesus, gave me this joy in my heart.

Oh, thank you for understanding that everything comes from me, your Jesus.

Tonight at praise and worship, it was me. I was overjoyed because of all of my children’s love bestowed upon me and my Blessed Mother. This group is growing day by day. Tell my children that I, their Jesus, their Lord, I am very happy for this act of love, the sacrifices of coming to me, to my temple, leaving their loved ones behind to come to my Holy Mass to praise their Lord. I thank all of my devoted sheep, my flock. I, your Jesus, will bless them abundantly. My Blessed Mother, she will cover them and all of their loved ones and families with her Divine Mantle. This act of love does reparation to my pierced heart and the Immaculate Heart of my Beloved Mother. I thank you and all of my children.

My daughter, I want to say thank you for the prayers said with my Mother today for the earthquake. My daughter, your heart was trembling yesterday when you were conversing with my Mother. You took some medicine to calm you down. Did you realise why your body was feeling sick? That was my pain and my dear Mother’s. Thank you for praying at that moment with my Blessed Mother. She needed that in her heart. My daughter, my dear Mother, she is waiting to converse with you.

Mother Mary

My Andorinha, thank you for this special time spent with my Son and me, your Mother Mary.

Oh, my Petal, I your Mother Mary want to repeat my Son Jesus’ words. Thank you for the prayers last night and today for all of my children, and for all that I ask you to pray.

My heart is still in tremendous paralytic pain. What is going to happen is very precarious and indescribably painful. Pray, pray. I need you with me. We have to pray constantly to my Son, without ceasing, asking for more time. Ask Father to forgive the sinners, especially the ones committing abortion. I want to save and bring these souls to my Son’s heart.

My children turn a deaf ear to my Son and my pleas to repent and forgive one another, and for humility and unity between families. There is so much hatred all over the world. My daughter, how much longer can my Son take these sufferings? I said to you: every second of the day a crown of thorns is placed on my Son’s heart and mine. My Son has given so many signs for my children to repent, but to no avail.

My Petal, I want you to sit with me tonight and pray to my Son for compassion and mercy to the world, for my Son’s flock to be touched in their hearts of stone, to melt them in their capacity of love towards my Son. My daughter, I was in awe of love tonight: the joy, singing and praising of my Son − it’s like incense in our hearts. When my children love my Son they love me. What a joy experienced when I bring my Son’s lost astray sheep back to him. Heaven rejoices. Alleluia, alleluia. In heaven it is a big celebration on this occasion.

My Petal, I bless you, your loved ones, family and the whole world. Thank you for responding to my call.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow