Why sickness, why suffering, why death? Our time on earth is set at birth, so turn to Jesus and prepare for heaven while time permits

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, death, heaven, sickness and suffering, sins of the world, trials and tribulations
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

Thank you, my daughter Fernanda, for sitting and conversing with me, your Jesus Christ, my Father God, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother Mary. My little one, I your Jesus, I say thank you for today. My child, thank you for conversing with my daughter ________.

Oh, my daughter is in so much confusion and pain, not knowing the reason for her sickness. She is searching anywhere for my Living Word, but I am with her at all times. I hold her hand but she does not see me or feel my presence. She is absorbed in many things of this world. She asks many questions without much of an answer. Yes, her sickness, her loss of her home in this world: yes, it was a big loss − and her broken marriage. The dissolvement of her marriage was not from me, her Jesus.

My daughter wants to know why all of these sufferings, trials and hardships in the course of her life. I, her Jesus, I have a reason for each one of my children. The kingdom of heaven is for eternal life and this earthly world: it is only a passing-by until my children are called to eternity.

My children must comprehend that the mystery of God belongs only to God. You helped my daughter today in seeing the light in front of her darkness and my love for her. My daughter ________, she is still concerned about this earthly world. She needs to come closer to my heart, to call upon the Holy Spirit to enlighten her mind, to see with clarity all my designations, those of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

My children ask, “Why, why, why is this happening to me?” Yes, this world is not heaven, as you replied to her with the wisdom and knowledge from us in heaven. To enter the kingdom of heaven, my children must pass through the narrow gate, as you explained to her. All the saints in heaven suffered trials, hardships and purification of their souls, bodies and spirits. Yes, many of my saints endured many illnesses of their bodies, but that did not stop them from doing their work for God, for me, their Jesus Christ. Their work continued while on this world, as their work continues in heaven. My saints in heaven suffered tremendous purification and excruciating pains.

My children, I, their Jesus, I never punish my children. I love them tremendously. They are my own flesh and blood. My children’s illness and sickness: there is always a reason, my reason, in their lives − not because they have done something wrong in their lives. I, their Jesus, also carried a cross. I was scourged at the pillar, I was judged innocently, I was nailed to a cross with huge nails. My pains where far beyond my children’s understanding. Nailed to a cross, crucified upon a cross, asphyxiation: it was too painful to bear. I died on that cross.

I, your Jesus, was judged through all of these excruciating, unbearable pains − all of this. I never committed any crime. I never did anything wrong to deserve this or to be punished. But my Father had a reason for all of these sufferings of his Only Begotten Son. My Father had a reason for all of this, a purpose! Not because I had done something wrong − no it was my Father’s designation.

The reason, purpose, I repeat, was for your salvation, to save all of you, each one of you without exception. I had no favourites while I was going through those inexplicable pains for you, my children. I couldn’t carry on any longer, carrying that heavy cross of all of your sins. I looked at you and my love for you gave me the strength to carry it until the end. My children, do you comprehend my pains that I endured, underwent? That it was my purpose to save you?

I never asked my Father, “Why, why?” I accepted all with love and dignity. My aim was to see each one of you seated in my kingdom of heaven.

My children, do you understand the content of this dialogue, my message to each one of you? Absorb these, my solemn living words, said to you tonight in my conversation with my humble servant, my messenger, my scribe, my secretary. I love you all my dear children. I bless you all.

My child, my Father God, he is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb of your Father God, I am here to converse with you. My child, I you Father, I say thank you for today for attending my Holy Mass, my Son’s holy sacrifice of the Mass. Thank you for praying the prayers of the Holy Mass and thanksgiving after Communion.

My child, today my daughter ________ [person mentioned above] shared this with you about my daughter ________ [other person] being against my Son Jesus, blaming my Son Jesus for taking our daughter to eternal life. Yes, her death: she was taken away though tragic circumstances, crime on the road.

My people blame my Son Jesus because their loved ones have been taken early to eternity, but when my people are born, their time on earth (day, hour, minute, second) has been mapped by us, the Triune God, the Breath of Life − the Holy Spirit − when I created each one of my children. None of them know their last breath on earth: all of that belongs to God the Father, my Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is no age restriction. They all come back home to the Father’s house. Their last breath on earth is counted: what age or date all belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven, the mystery of God. No one stays on this world for ever, and no poor or rich or young or old have a choice: the choice was there when they were created and the breath of life was given to them by the Holy Spirit. We are the only ones who know my people’s last breath on earth, but my people blame my Son Jesus. My Son Jesus comprehends, understands, our children’s pains. My Son takes all of this in his pierced heart, but never punishes them or hurts them: only his Sacred Heart is pierced like a crown of thorns on his loving heart.

My Son is loving, forgiving, merciful and compassionate towards his children. Remember, his loving Mother Mary: he was her only Son. She witnessed all of his pains, scourging and his flesh coming out of his Precious Body. She gave birth to him, she caressed him many times, kissed him, hugged him and embraced him like any mother or father does. But she never asked me, her Father God, “Why, why all of these sufferings?” She accepted with sorrow in her heart, a sorrow that you my children also experience when you lose your loved ones as they come to eternal life to my house, the Father’s house. But none of you my people ever experienced what Mother Mary did as she witnessed all that her Son underwent. She was next to her Son. Her heart sank in pain many times as she saw her Son being scourged, taking a cross for all of your sins, a heavy cross: crucifixion, a crown of thorns on the head that she kissed and caressed many times and loved so much. She did not say a word. She walked next to her Son, side by side. Oh, she never went against her Father God and said, “Why are you doing this to our only Son?” No she accepted with pain and love for each one of you, my people.

I, your Father, I also witnessed and felt each one of my Son’s pains. Yes, my people, I, your Father, I also cried to see my Son Jesus go through those excruciating pains, but I allowed that to happen, not because I did not love my only Begotten Son, but for the love of each one you, my precious children, a Father’s love. My love for you and my Son Jesus’ love towards each one of you is far beyond my people’s understanding.

My people, love my Son Jesus with all your hearts. Amend your sins. Come to Confession. Receive my Son Jesus’ Precious Body and Blood worthy of him. Holy Mass is very important in your daily life. My Son Jesus’ Precious Body is your daily strength, your courage, to carry your daily trials and hardships. My people, come, appease and alleviate my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which has been pierced because of so many sins. My Son Jesus paid his price for a crime he never committed, for all of your sins. Repent, repent my people, time is running out for your salvation. Come to my Son’s heart. He is waiting for you, to embrace you, to see all of you in heaven one day when you have your last breath on earth.

Oh, do not fear death, fear your sins, unconfessed sins. Heaven is beautiful. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, my people must obey my Son Jesus Christ’s teachings, his commandments. My people, heaven exists, so do purgatory and hell. Oh, hell is an obscure place. My children, my Son’s sufferings were to save you from Gehenna. Come to my Son’s Banquet of the Lamb when your time is accomplished in this world.

I come to relay this message of my love to you all, my children, my people. I give you my peace, my peace I give you and to the whole world, amen, through my humble servant, my Son’s messenger.

My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I say to you, convey this message to all of my people. They have to know all of this because time is running out for their conversions. Amen.

Mother Mary

I, your Mother Mary, I say thank you for being here today. My child, I, your Mother, I say thank you for consoling my daughter ________. Oh, she needs some understanding and compassion in her aching heart. Oh, she needs to know my Son Jesus’ eternal love.

Oh, her sickness is taking her out of my Son’s focus. My Son Jesus, he is her provider. My children live on these material things, holding onto the past. Oh, when my children come to eternity, there is nothing that they can take with them − only the good deeds, the good acts of love, the acceptance of their daily life. My Son only wants my children to come and bring their beautiful Book of Heaven, the book where my children present them [1] to my Son and our Father, the book that brings them to heaven.

Oh, it’s very painful for my Son when my children don’t have anything to present to the Father to save them. Yes, my Son Jesus and his Father are very compassionate and loving. Yes, our Father and my Son Jesus, they are the most loving towards his children. Yes, but remember, many of our children in this world have done very horrific, horrendous sins. If only my children would have the time to repent, to confess, the unforgiveness and many other horrendous sins, so that their souls can be saved, as my Son Jesus died for them.

My child, I, your Mother, I bless you, your loved ones and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.


[1] Referring to their good deeds