Families in dispute are in peril of hell: love, forgive, let go of petty earthly things

Themes: Confession and repentance, death, families, forgiveness, God's pains, hell, loving others, sins of the world
Father God

My daughter Fernanda, I, your Father, I am here to convey this message to you. My daughter, relay this message to my people.

My people, I, your Father from heaven, I am here again to relay this message to you all, to understand how important it is for you, my people, to see the content of this unique, different message. I have to intervene with this message. This message contains this special assignment for the world about my Son’s Chastisement because I have to come soon to intervene, about my people not letting go of certain things of this world, against one another, especially families.

This message is for all the families in dispute with one another, with differences between one another, not forgiving one another, not loving one another. I am here to intervene with this message in my Son’s holy name because my Son’s heart can no longer take these sufferings.

I came here because heaven is about to let my Son’s hand come down upon you, my children. My dear people, I come out of pure love, compassion and mercy towards you all because heaven sees everything, every single one of our children’s deeds, hearts and malices towards each other. What they do just to gain wealth, status, vainglories of this world, to gain access to position: enviousness, wickedness, jealousy towards their own flesh and blood, not concerned with what it can bring later to their souls, with no consciences towards one another – as long as they win, that is the only thing that matters. They know that my Son, the Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother and I are all aware of their most perfidious sins, infiltered to their own loved ones; not speaking to each other, especially families: then, they come to eternity full of hatred, unforgiveness, inheritance owed to one another, especially families. Do they bring anything with them?

Without exception, the Book of Heaven is opened with nothing, almost nothing to save their souls. They stand with my Son Jesus, in front of my throne, wanting to come to a beautiful place called heaven. Oh, when my Son opens the Black Book, it is horrific to watch them in disbelief being in damnation of sins. I, their Father, watch all of this in pain because I see my Son’s excruciating pain for them not to be condemned. But my people, all of this was written 2,000 years ago – the good deeds and the bad − for them to confess and repent in time for their last day and breath on earth − to enter my kingdom with good deeds, to present to us in front of my throne.

I am here to say all this, for you to understand my Son’s commandments, my Son’s teachings, left from the Apostles in my Son’s holy name, for you to be saved from peril. I want all families to understand and love one another, forgive one another and let go of petty things. Live in peace, love and harmony, not in discord, because all of this brings only darkness of sins into your Black Book. Do not fear this message, just live according to my Son’s teachings to save you.

I repeat, I am here again to ascertain these words from me, your Father God, to help you to see that everything stays behind. There is nothing that you, my people, can bring with you to present to me or to my Son, only what my Son has been teaching from the beginning of times till the end of times, to save you from peril in hell. This is me, your Father God, saying solemnly to you all, my children: time is near for repentance, to save your souls. Amen.

I give my peace and my love to you and to this entire world.