Jesus allows Fernanda to reveal the secret prayers about the atomic bomb threat and the Triple Six

Theme - 666 Sign of the Beast, End Times, God's Love and Mercy, God's Pains, Praying, Second Coming, Sins of the World
Jesus Christ

Thank you my daughter for sitting with me, your Jesus Christ. I am here to converse with you. My child, thank you for being obedient to my call. Thank you for praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at this hour, my hour of mercy [3pm].

You are trembling − you do know my call to you. I need you, my Petal, at this hour to alleviate my sacred, pierced heart. Yes, I am in pain, you are feeling my pain, the concern about my children’s salvation. I am in pain because of what is happening around this world. It is not permitted. This is the work of Satan to destroy my children, my people of my heart. My children are being taken astray from my Church, my heart, my teachings. Will you help me, your Jesus Christ?

Oh, I need you to pray for my pains and my Mother’s pains. What a crime, atrocity, being done upon my little ones! My children are suffering injustices and cruelties because of the wars in Seoul, Afghanistan, Syria and all over the world. My children are running away from their own homes, fleeing from their own countries like criminals, yet they are in their own birth countries. They are tortured and martyred. Some of them are persecuted because of my holy name, for their love for me, their Jesus. My children, they are fleeing from their homes, they are going through the most gruesome deaths, punishments and tortures. They are in famines for days, suffering from malnutrition. They are like skeletons, their tiny bodies are like tiny little bones. It’s horrific to see, to watch, what they are suffering.

Oh, what an atrocity, the sins of these criminals’ souls: they are infiltering themselves for all eternity in damnation of sins. These barbaric assassins are in need of prayer, for them to stop these tremendous, horrible crimes. My child, my time is near for my Second Coming. Yes, I, your Jesus Christ cannot permit this kind of malice in this world for much longer.

My little one, Fernanda, I, your Jesus of Nazareth, I have given you many urgent prayers for you to pray: to stop disasters, earthquakes, volcanoes and cyclones from happening in this world. My child, you are occupied in praying and counselling my children in need of help. I want you to also pray for more time for this world, for my children to have time to repent before it is too late.

Yes, my child, there are so many prayers that have been given to you, for you to pray and to also give to my children to pray. Yes, soon there is going to be a booklet of prayers, our prayers. My humble servant of your God, your Lord Jesus Christ: my Father God, my Blessed Mother Mary and I, your Jesus Christ, we have given you all of these prayers for your mission. There are also some secret prayers that have been entrusted to you. I have said they are only for you to pray until I allow you to relay them. Oh, your heart’s desire is if you can relay them now.

My humble servant, there are some secrets that you will soon be able to convey to my children. Yes, there are also some prayers that we said were for you and only for you. My little one, yes, you may divulge them now: the prayer of the triple six and the prayer of the nuclear bomb [1]. My little one, you may convey these prayers to my children for them to pray fervently to stop the prognostic of further pain in this world. These prayers, prayed from my children’s hearts, will help the impact of these terrible demonics to not happen, to stop these evil-doers in progressing with them. I, your Jesus, I allowed you to convey them in my holy name. All is for my honour and glory. Amen.

My child, pray against this atomic bomb missile from South Korea or from any other part of the world, for them to not go forth with these dangerous weapons. Atomic bombs, missile-bomb experiments or any of these kinds of weapon are not permitted in heaven. Atomic bombs and missiles are the most horrendous crimes. Heaven cries for my innocent children being affected and killed by these criminals. Pray, my child, for these, my children, to stop their minds of destruction and malice, causing the most grievous pains in their brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

My child, I, your Jesus, I thank you for being here with me at this hour to converse, to relay this message of concern and pain of my aching heart. I thank you for being with me. Oh, you are feeling much better, as I, your Jesus Christ am. My aching heart is pierced with a crown of thorns because of all the atrocities and crimes upon this world.

My little prayer warrior, do not fear to relay this, my message. Oh, it’s not about you, my instrument, but for my desires, the honour and glory of your Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the Redeemer of all of my children, of this entire world.

I thank you for appeasing my pierced heart with your love, your kisses in my heart, and all of the kisses being given to me in my heart. I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all of my children.

My ocean of love, my mercy, is endless for each one of you, my children: never ceasing, never ending. My love for you all, my children, is countless. Remember my children: I, your Jesus Christ, I am your light, the light of the world. Follow me, my footprints, in my light. I will give you rest for all eternity. You will never be lost. Amen.