Jesus’ Second Coming will be very painful - all must acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God and Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven

Themes: God's wrath, prophecy, salvation, Second Coming
Father God

As my Son Jesus mentioned to you, my humble servant, your task has been placed upon you for a reason. The reason is to help my Son Jesus to save many souls. What my Son Jesus mentioned to you, I confirm to you: he will bring you and your loved ones prosperity in abundance. Oh, you are going to be very joyous. My Son is going to bring you your beautiful present...personal message removed… My Son Jesus has everything arranged for you, to bring this beautiful gift, to bring you even more closer to my Son.

Oh, you’re going to be with my Son Jesus all the time, till the end of time. You’re going to witness his Second Coming. My child, you are going to help to save many souls during that time. You’re going to save many of them. You’re going to bring salvation to many of my children, my people.

Oh, my little prayer warrior, my Son’s Second Coming is going to be very painful. My people must listen to my Son’s call when he tries to acknowledge that he is the Son of God the Almighty Father, who came to save the world. My humble servant, my people ignore my Son Jesus’ pleas − even his messengers, Mother Mary’s visionaries.

Oh, Mother Mary, she is a powerful intercessor to her Son Jesus. My people must acknowledge Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven, crowned to be a perfect Mother to all of her children. She is the most obedient Mother. She is so perfect, without sin. I have chosen her to be the Mother of the Saviour of the whole world. My Children must respect Mother Mary. She is the most sanctified of heaven.