Jesus’ Second Coming is very soon: pray for protection, listen to the holy spirit in your heart and don’t let the enemy poison your mind

Themes: Confession and repentance, end times, God's pains, Holy Mass, praying, Rosary, Second Coming, sins of the world, spiritual warfare
Father God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary

Jesus Christ

My child, my Second Coming is very soon. Oh, there is so much happening in this world. Oh, the killings, the bombs, the wars, the conflicts all over the world. There is so much happening at the moment.

My child, the book of prayers [1] has to be published, to be spread all over the world. I need my children to pray, pray. Oh, there is so much more coming upon this world, so much pain. Oh, I don’t want my children to suffer, but my children commit horrific crimes. Oh, the evil attacks my children’s minds. They are persuaded by the evil Satan to attack without remorse. My children don’t show emotions, compassion or mercy in their hearts because the evil attacks are so strong upon them in their minds. They are controlled by these powers of the enemy.

If only my children would pray every day and night, and in the morning, the Armour of God (Ephesians 6), the St Michael the Archangel Prayer, the Memorare, one Our Father, three Hail Marys and one Glory Be, asking Mother Mary for her protection, concluding with the Hail Holy Queen − also reciting the Apostles Creed and praying seven Hail Mary’s to their guardian angels [2]. My Mother’s desire is to pray the Rosary every day, but at least these prayers that I mention above. This is to protect them from evil attacks.

My child, you also now that my children must bless themselves with holy water. Teach them this in the book of prayers. Write these prayers down as well. My child, teach them. Time is running out for my children’s salvation.

Thank you my Petal, my Father God, he is here to converse with you.

Father God

My little lamb, I, your Father, I am here to converse with you. Thank you for your kisses and love towards us in heaven.

My child Fernanda, I, your Father, I am here to convey a message to my people on the carnage all over this world. Oh, my people, they are carrying out the wrong messages to the world. I mean the wrong messages in killing innocent people, performing horrific crimes in so many ways in many countries all over the world. Oh, they are trying to relay messages of massacres and outrageous killings with bomb attacks against innocent people. Oh, this is against heaven. Oh, these, my people, all of them, they were created by me, the Father God and the Triune God in unison of love, inseparable − we are their Creator and the Creator the entire universe. Then my people turn away from me and my Son Jesus, they turn to the evil tricks, to the wrong voices. The Holy Spirit within them waits for them to listen to his voice, but the enemy attacks are so severe and poisons their minds. My people are not in prayer or in tune with us, the Triune God, and soon they lose their inner voice of the Holy Spirit, who guides them to the right path of life.

Oh, the evil attacks: he prowls through the world to destroy my people. Oh, if only my people would also come to my Son’s Holy Mass and Confession to receive my Son’s Precious Body and Blood, oh, they would be saved from these evil attacks.

My little lamb, I, your Father, I am watching every crime, horrendous crimes, committed. I watch my Son’s Sacred Heart being pierced with a crown of thorns. I watch my Son’s cries for my mercy, to save my people when they come to eternity to be judged in front of my throne. My heart bleeds again, like 2,000 years ago when I saw, watched my Son being crucified, carrying a heavy cross upon his shoulders. Yes, I allowed my Son Jesus Christ to carry all of my people’s sins on that cross. My Son Jesus paid his price but today, my Son still endures those horrendous pains. How long can I allow these perfidious, horrific pains upon my Son’s heart?

Oh, my people, there is a limit to everything in this world. I love my people as I love my Son Jesus Christ because I am also their Father, but my people carry on performing the most horrendous crimes. Stop and pray for your salvation. I am a merciful, compassionate Father, so is my Son Jesus Christ. But my people, look around you, around this entire world − you are horrified to hear one killing, but my Son Jesus, here in heaven, the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary, we are aware of every sin, every crime, every killing, wars, bombs and every heart of each one of my people.

I am your Father God, I came to convey this message to you, to pray and amend all of your sins in Confession. I am here to also ask you: pray, pray to appease my Son’s Sacred Heart. Pray for this world, this sinister, sinful world. Oh, if every one of you says a prayer for this intention, how this world would be a better world. Pray for the sinners, the lukewarm, tepid souls, for the non-believers who hurt my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart the most.

I thank you for your time spent to listen, to absorb these, my solemn words of your Father God, your Creator, your loving Father. Amen.

My Petal Fernanda, I bless you, I give you my peace, my peace I give you, your loved ones and all of my children. Amen.

[Fernanda] Thank you my dear Father Pai [3], I love you, Sua bênção [4].


[1] A book will be made out of the prayers, given to us by our Triune God and Mother Mary. These can be found in the “Prayers” section on

[2] All these prayers can be found in the “Resources” and section of

[3] Portuguese to English translation: Father

[4] Portuguese to English translation: Your blessing