Priests must also hear Confessions of non-Catholics because Jesus died to save all of his children: it will result in more conversions

Themes: Communion, Confession and repentance, death, God's love and mercy, praying, salvation, the Church
Mother Mary

My little Andorinha [1], I, your Mother, I thank you for being here with me, your Mother Mary. My child, tonight, about the dialogue of my son priest Father ________ about Confession...

The Holy Spirit asked you to speak out about Confession. Know, my child, the Holy Spirit was saying, so was my Son Jesus Christ, that Confession is not only for the ones who received their Sacraments. My Son Jesus died on the cross without exception for each one of his children. My Son did not choose anyone specific to save. His aim was only one: to save all of his children. Confession is for each one of his children. His aim is for them to repent, to come to eternity with all of their sins forgiven. Sometimes there is no time to wait for their last breath because my children do not know the day or hour to come to encounter their Creator.

My Son Jesus’ desire is for my children to confess, to be absolved from all of their sins. My children never know when they will be called to eternal life. They must be ready at all times. My Son Jesus did not die on the cross for one kind of his creation: it was for all colours.

My children, know the true Church, where my Son Jesus said to St Peter, “Peter, on this rock I will build my Church,” but through a Confession and absolution, my children can be seated one day at the Banquet of Heaven. That is my Son Jesus Christ’s desire − not to see anyone in Gehenna.

Pray, pray for my children to come to Confession with a contrite heart and for them to be absolved of all of their horrendous sins. And through Confession, sometimes my astray children from other denominations will convert and they will be able to receive, in time to come, my Son Jesus’ Precious Body and Blood worthy of him. The power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit can move mountains, rocks and the most hardened hearts into hearts of flesh.

My children must pray for the conversions of the lost sheep who are in a different dimension, to know more profoundly about the love of God. The Triune God never judges anyone in Confession, but only wants them back into my Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart. They are a merciful, kind God. My Son Jesus Christ waits patiently for his children, each one of them, in Confession. Tomorrow it might be too late.

Thank you, my Andorinha, you wanted to explain this tonight − the Holy Spirit wanted you to talk, my child, the true word of God without fear. So it is with my Son Jesus, he has no fear, to love and to speak about his children in front of his Father’s throne.

I bless you my child, your loved ones and all of my children. Thank you for responding to my call. Amen.


[1] Portuguese to English translation: Swallow