God forgives on repentance but we must also go to Confession

Themes: Confession and Repentance, Sins of the World
Jesus Christ

My child, I want you to be detached completely from this technology of these modern times, of these people [1]. This foul language is not for you anymore. You are purified from everything and from this kind of language. Do not let the enemy destroy anything in your mission because you are my humble servant, to serve me, your Jesus. You are my messenger for my End of Times.

[Fernanda] My loving Jesus, I am truly sorry, I ask for forgiveness and pardon to my Jesus, my Father, the Holy Spirit and to my Blessed Mother for all of my sins. I repent with my contrite heart, not to commit this sin again. I amend myself, not to hurt you, my Jesus, again.

My child, I absolve you from all of this, but you need to come to Confession [2].

[Fernanda] Thank you my loving Jesus for loving me and forgiving mine and all of your children’s sins.

Yes, my child Fernanda, I do forgive, and so does my Father when my children ask me to forgive and they repent with a contrite heart, and try to amend their sins, not to repeat them again.


[1] Fernanda was participating in a group conversation on Facebook, where some members of the group were using foul language. Although Fernanda herself was not swearing, she was still part of the conversation, which was offensive to God.

[2] See “Guidelines on Making a Comprehensive and Contrite Confession” in “Resources” on www.alpha-omega.org.za to understand why Confession is necessary.